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Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Android 4 . two Jellybean stock keyboard for all android person [How to]

android-4-2-jelly-bean tag-android-4-2-jellybean-stock-keyboard tag-android-4-2-key-lime-pie tag-android-apk tag-android-apk-download tag-how-to-2 g post cat-12-id has_thumb">

Enjoys Android 4. two Jellybean inventory keyboard? Dont stress below is the move by step installation manual Android four. two Jellybean inventory keyboard for all android device (Smartphone, Tablet) and How to tutorial 4. 2 inventory keyboard

Google android latest update from Android 4. one Jellybean to Android4. two jellybean will get new functions and emits for demo along with their current several Nexus devices. From this android person interface updates Inventory keyboard current in the sort of easier Gesture Typing by dragging character as a substitute of tabbing the letters type just like a Swype. We have lined android four. one jellybean stock keyboard for all android gadget and now time to submit Android four. two Jellybean stock keyboard even your android unit runs on four. 1 jellybean, 4. ICS and unfortunately not for Honeycomb and Gingerbread gadgets.

Android 4 2 Jellybean stock keyboard-gesture-typing

Set up Android four. two Jellybean stock keyboard apk:

Installation suggestions 1 :

The underneath Android 4. 2 Keyboard APK only for Google stock keyboard is disabled by default who all are making use of a device from HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony or some other android gadget might set up this underneath apk devoid of any difficulty,

Android four. 2 stock Keyboard APK( eleven MB APK file)

Be aware : For Tailor made ROM or firmware ( Inventory Android Builds) updated product observe the second tip

Set up guidelines two :

Failed to put in Android 4. two Jellybean inventory keyboard then adhere to this idea

Obtain acquire Android four. 2 Keyboard flashable ZIP file ( eight.48MB Zip file) and unzip it to SD card

Boot your gadget in ClockworkMod Restoration manner and then decide on downloaded flash zip file to flash your cell, tablet and then decide on this keyboard zip file.

Be aware : No rooting actions want although install the above apk

Hope the previously mentioned two suggestions provides Gesture Typing keyboard on you device.

Observe : We are notresponsible for any hardware and software program problems and readdisclaimer ahead of following thisinstallationsteps.

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has published 97 Articles about Android for this site.
An engineer cum Blogger from Tamilnadu, india. Essentially am not a tech columnist or journalist but, Can produce and investigate my technology review to all reader.
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Serious Sam 3 Receives New Update, Readies Steam Workshop Support

The folks at Croteam continue to improve their highly-acclaimed Serious Sam 3 title with new features and bug fixes.

A few weeks ago the game received an impressive update that added a huge number of bug fixes and balancing corrections.

Today, developers launched another update (171822), which is now available for download via Steam. As expected there's quite a number of bug fixes included, but also some improvements to the game's editor.

"- Fixed a crash occuring on server if a client equips sledgehammer, climbs onto a ladder and disconnects while still on the ladder;
- Fixed a crash on dedicated server occuring in coin-op if a game ends with all players disconnected;
- Fixed another way to get out of map on Medina;
- Mirror reflections are now disabled at low GPU quality;
- Glowing in menu is now disabled on OSX and Linux platforms, and on 'lowest' GPU quality preset;
- Updated fbx import-export interface to make it accessible from the model editor;
- SeriousEditor: Fixed crash when trying to solve solution which doesn't have lightmaps' dimensions of power of 2;
- SeriousEditor's file open dialog is now better at handling files with weird path formats (mixed slashes and backslashes, dot-dots...)."

Furthermore, the update is also meant to prepare everything needed for the Steam Workshop support. Bulgarian locale has been added as well, along with more optimizations on OpenGL (GLSL) shaders.

Other changes included in the latest 171822 update for Serious Sam 3 update are detailed below:

"- Updated browser list control to display green checkered background for files without a catalog index;
- Voice chat now also works via OpenAL, if enabled via svm_bOpenALVoiceRecording. It is enabled by default on Linux, but disabled by default on OSX, because OpenAL recording is broken in most OSX versions."

For more details on the latest improvements and bug fixes added to the game check out the official announcement.

Photo Sphere May Be Android's Greatest Feature Yet - And Everyone Needs To Know About It

Pictures. If there is one thing we love to share on the internet, it's images.

And I think that's because it's kind of difficult to communicate what we see in life without them - you need that visual aid. Printing or developing photos is time-consuming and inconvenient, and so when digital cameras began to catch on in a big way, right around the same time as broadband internet, people went absolutely mad sharing photos on the web. It was two technologies coming together at the perfect moment. It was a leap forward.

Since then, digital photography has gone from being a disruptive force to the norm. And sharing pictures has gone from cables and uploads and minutes of waiting to instant, unwired gratification, thanks to smartphones and their mobile data connections. Sharing what we see has never been easier than it is now. We share so many photos Facebook has a crisis on its hands trying to keep them all sorted.

But even though the volume of things we share has increased dramatically, the things themselves are largely the same as they've always been. Images look better than they did 10 years ago (a lot better - especially on phones), and we can share those images more quickly and easily than ever before, but they still communicate the same basic information. Be it a place, a person, or a moment in time. In fact, if you think about it, aside from the storage medium and advances in quality, photographs are pretty much the same as they were over a hundred years ago: flat, two-dimensional images. Sure, panorama has taken us a little further, but really, those photos are sort of a pain to look at. And 3D pictures? Maybe someday - when we get those Star Wars-style holograms, perhaps.

But in the here and now, Google has done something truly amazing with photos. And they've done it using nothing but some fancy algorithms and a regular, run-of-the-mill smartphone camera. It's called Photo Sphere.">nexusae0_Screenshot_2012-10-31-14-44-59nexusae0_Screenshot_2012-10-31-14-45-52


You've probably already got a good idea of what it is, and if you don't, you can download it here (it may not work very well, depending on your device). If you want an example of a Photo Sphere image, here's one from our own Liam Spradlin on Google+. Or check out this awesome one from the Nexus team in Times Square.

Granted, images like this have existed for years. But they required special software, a lot of effort, patience, time, and proprietary viewer plugins to even look at them. You couldn't just go out a nd make a 360 degree picture and share it with all your friends. Photo Sphere changes that.

Make no mistake, Photo Sphere is a leap forward: it gives regular people an amazing new way to share their world. It's like taking a glimpse through the eyes of the photographer, like being there - truly capturing a moment and place. It gives you a sense of depth, scale, and presence that a traditional photograph simply can't. And we probably have Google's Street View project to thank for making it all possible.

Think of it kind of like the electric car - it existed decades ago, but until recently, wasn't really practical outside a few, limited applications, or as an expensive novelty. Photo Sphere is sort of the Nissan Leaf or the Tesla Model S of 360 degree photos: it's bringing a previously inaccessible technology to people in a form they can live with every day. It isn't perfect, but it's without a doubt the first product of its kind that's ready for consumers. We can only move forward from here.

And Google, being Google, has made the format of these Photo Sphere images totally open. They're compiled using XML metadata embedded in each Photo Sphere, and encoded as giant JPEG files. Anyone could, in theory, build a Photo Sphere viewer. Currently, you can only see them in Google+ and Google Maps, but I have no doubt Google is working on an API, or will be soon (that's kind of a given with Google - I hope).

I truly believe this is the greatest advancement we've seen in photography since that first "digital revolution." This is big. This is important. It changes the way we share with people, wi th what we are able to show them, and it does so using a tool in the pocket of half of all Americans, and hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Imagine someone being able to share a 360 degree image of a war zone, which would then makes it way to the newswire. Or the interior of a beautiful cathedral. Imagine being able to capture the day of your child's birth, in a way that every time you looked at it, could take you back to that place in a way no other picture - or even a video - could. That's something incredible. That's a leap forward. And you can share them in an instant - for now, via Google + or Maps, but in the future, who knows how fast and far this could spread.

Maybe I'm just waxing poetic here, and maybe this won't end up being that important at all - some other technological breakthrough in imagery could utterly overshadow it. But sometimes, there are those things that come along and really do change our lives, even if it's just in some sm all way. I think this is one of them.

Warhammer Fantasy eight 2 .49


Style / Cost :


Past Up to date :

Classification More from this developer
Other / Totally free
520 KB
November 1st, 2012, 04: fifty four GMT
C: Freeware Game titles

Army Builder streamlines the creation of army lists, giving " point -and- simply click " simpleness and practically reducing errors. As an alternative of investing an hour to generate a roster, it now can take a number of minutes.

Military Builder's validation engine regularly checks your roster versus the policies for the match, flagging any errors with pinpoint precision.

This pack includes the data files needed for the sport Warhammer Fantasy eight.

Prerequisites :

· Army Builder

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Panda Racing

Panda racing is a puzzle video game to train the babys observation and judgment capacity. The competitiveness is ready now!Who will be the winner and engage in the longest time? The infant can manage the kart to get the delightful fruit and petrol to make the kart increase additional energy to move on. Meanwhile, be cautious to prevent the hurdles, such as mound, trash bins, bomb and oncoming vehicles... There are the cartoon fruit and the interesting game design. Infants can play with by the gravitational pressure induction control method or the manually moving control method. We are sure that the newborn is likely to like this easy puzzle game. Child bus is the very first brand name in earlier childhood instructional software ( industry of cell Web ), which is formulated especially for the - 6 several years little one, and encompasses the cognitive development, video games, tracks and other relevant categories. The software package is designed to merge the sophisticated no tion of early childhood, by entertaining and academic way to obtain the function and goals of the mental Enlightenment. Get in touch with us: ser@ newborn Formal site : http://www. baby

Barcode download acquire

  1. Open your most well-liked Barcode scanner software package
    (Do not have barcode app? Get one particular listed here or a lot more on the barcode site ).
  2. Position your mobile phone digital camera at the QR code beneath and scan it.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.



Genre / Value :


Last Updated :

Classification :
eCookingGames Far more from this developer
Other / Totally free
two. 80 MB
October 31st, 2012, 16 : 59 GMT
C: Freeware Games

This is a enjoyable arcade video game the place you should shoot the veggies at the incoming faculty children. Starts off off dull, but a lot more little ones start out coming at you. Use the mouse to goal and shoot!

Demands :

· OS: Windows Vista/ seven
· Adobe Flash Participant

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Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

GTA: San Andreas Addon -Brooklyn Dodgers Jersey


Style / Value :


Final Updated :

Classification Much more from this developer
third Individual / No cost
72 KB
October 31st, 2012, 04: 54 GMT
C: Mods/Addons

Those of you that are in search for some new and exciting alter for inside of the world of GTA: San Andreas, you can attempt out the new Brooklyn Dodgers Jersey mod.

Following unpacking the archive, you should duplicate the content material in the next route : Rockstar Games /San Andreas/ Types.

Needs :

· GTA: San Andreas

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Here Is Another Reason Google Continues To Shun SD Cards - Multiuser Support

The lack of expandable storage in Nexus devices becomes one of the hottest and most controversial topics every time Google does a refresh and we find out that the next generation lacks SD cards entirely yet again. Couple that with the decision to limit onboard storage options to 16GB max, which is the case with the Nexus 4 at the moment and was the case with the Nexus 7 for a while, and you've got a full-blown revolt.

You may have read one explanation of Google's aversion to SD cards, which was brought up by Android engineer Dan Morrill last year: it's confusing to users to have multiple storage points, the insecure "free-for-all" area was not meant for private app data but rather for media, and essentially SD cards are the sources of all evil. Google's chief of Android user experience Matias Duarte reiterated the same points today. Whether you think the reasons are legitimate or bogus (in consumers' eyes), this is Google's stance on the matter.

Now, with Android 4.2, there's yet another reason, one I hadn't thought of before, but one that makes sense - multiuser support. It's already relevant for the Nexus 10. At the moment, the Nexus 4 still lacks multiuser capabilities - some say due to a possible patent issue - but when Google (or enterprising hackers in the first few hours of 4.2 release) is ready to turn them on, it will become relevant.

There are two separate parts here, actually:

  1. The lack of proper filesystem permissions. Because SD cards are generally formatted using the FAT file system due to high compatibility with multiple operating systems, they lack the concept of file ownership entirely. If Google wants to be taken seriously when it comes to security, there should be no weak links like that. Imagine a modern PC where an unprivileged user could access every file in the file system - sounds pretty crazy when you think of it that way.
  2. Adding the complexity of multiple users to something as portable as an SD card would undoubtedly create an array of problems. What happens when two users are using the same app that stores some of its data on the SD card? What happens when you move your SD card to another device with a different multiuser configuration (or lack of the concept of users entirely)?

Up until now Android didn't have a concept of multiple users. Think back to Windows 98 that had a single My Documents directory and proper multiuser support only arriving with Windows 2000 and its Documents and Settings folder. I could draw so many parallels here.

The key point remains that unlike the migration path between Windows 98 to 2000 and having an internal hard drive vs an easily removable SD card, there is a certain expectation Android users have - seamless OTA updates and backwards compatibility. The /sdcard partition and paths on it have been mistreated so much in the past few years (just look at your card and see how many apps don't store data according to guidelines). If Google were to resolve the path issue and repartition the card upon upgrade to something like /sdcard/user1, /sdcard/user2, etc, it would suddenly become incompatible with other devices. Plus there's still no proper permission support.

It's kind of a mess.

And I don't even want to think of the ways other manufacturers are going to try to handle multiuser support. Google chose a simple path for its own devices. Now what happens when an OEM decides it wants to stick in an SD card slot and enabl e multiple users? Ugly hacks come to mind, and if there's one thing I hate as a programmer, it's ugly hacks.

Here is my take on the whole situation:

  1. Google needs to start offering more storage options. Not everyone is a power user, but we do exist, and we want our space. I, for one, am out of space with 64GB. I don't want to be. I will pay more to have more storage, but I can't. A few large games and apps, some music, a bunch of nandroid backups, some videos - hey, look, I'm already out.
  2. Google needs to solve the SD card situation properly so that both Nexus and non-Nexus devices can easily utilize them. Dan Morrill said Google would like to do it right, but I'm not sure they want to badly enough. SD storage is cheap. I want to use it. I want to have an option to use it. I want to have an option to pop up an SD card and move it elsewhere, whether just migrating devices or trying to rescue files o ff a phone that no longer powers on after taking a dive into my dog's water bowl.

In conclusion, let me quote chief Android framework engineer, walking Android encyclopedia, and fearless feline leader Dianne Hackborn who dropped some wisdom yesterday on G+ and put these thoughts in my head in the first place:

Robert Mahon: Another thought about this sd-card stuff, might it have caused issues with the multi-user side of things in 4.2? Most apps aren't following guidelines on where to save their data, so it gets sprayed willynilly on the SD-Card. Now there's more than one person using the system, and possibly overwritin g that data/corruption, I can see why Nexus devices, to stop this being a problem before it starts (or at least reducing it to less apps) is not using the sd-cards.

Stewart Gateley: With each user having their own apps and data, SD card makes even more sense. Keep the profiles local while storing large media files on ext storage. Either external files can be shared with all users, or set file permissions. No need to partition space out for each user or something. For a multi-user HD media consumption device, the Nexus 10 is seriously lacking storage. But I thought we were talking about the 4 here.

Dianne Hackborn:

+Robert Mahon This is certainly an issue, we aren't supporting multi-user with the old school FAT partition for external storage (whether that is on an SD card like the original G1 or a separate internal partition like the Nexus S).

+Stewart Gateley SD cards must be formatted with FAT (to inter-operate with desktop computers), which doesn't support file permissions. Not to mention that all you are going to end up with is a mess if you try to set file system permissions (based on uids) on an SD card and then move that to another device.

Google officially launched its Nexus devices (LG Nexus4, Asus nexus7, Samsung nexus10)

phone tag-lg-nexus4 tag-nexus-10 tag-nexus-10-android tag-nexus-10-exif-data tag-nexus-device tag-samsung-google-nexus-tablet tag-samsung-nexus-10 tag-samsung-nexus10 g post cat-408-id has_thumb">

Google officially launched its three Nexus devices under the name of LG Nexus4, Asus nexus7 and Samsung nexus10 runs on Android V4.2 jelly bean user interface. Here is the price and availability of LG Nexus4 Asus nexus7 and Samsung nexus

Finally Google Inc released its new all three format of Nexus devices (4inch smart tab, 7inch and 10 inch tablet) and we are surprised with this launch despite Hurricane sandy threaten USA also Google android 29th October event. From the official Google blog, Andy Rubin (SVP, Mobile and Digital Content) posted all three formats of nexus device features, specs, price and availability.

Google nexus device list of three (LG Asus and samsung)

All three LG Nexus4, Asus nexus7, Samsung nexus10 devices runs on new updated android user interface named Android 4.2- Jellybean and broken all rumors that we recently posted LG Nexus comes with Android V4.2 Key Lime Pieand Googles Samsung Nexus 10 tablet specs and images rumored online

W hats new in Android 4.2 jellybean:

Gesture Typing features fastest typing
Supports wireless display for wirelessly watch movies, YouTube videos and play games right on your Miracast-compatible HDTV and more updates

LG Nexus4, Asus nexus7, Samsung nexus10 price andavailability

LG Nexus 4 price: This 4.7 inch device 8GB version will retail for $299, while 16GB edition will go for $349. The unlocked and without any contract plans ship from 11/13 through the Google Play store in the following countries U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Canada. The 16GB version will also be available through T-Mobile for $199, with a 2-year contract.

Asus Nexus 7 price: The 7 inch tablet 16GB version will retail for 199$, while 32GB edition will go for 249$ stores at U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan, also pre order and buy via retail partners Gamestop, Office Depot, Office Max, St aples and Walmart.

Samsung Nexus 10 price: The 10 inch tablet 16GB version will retail for $399, while the 32GB edition will go for $499 and this tablet device available from 13th November for the following countries U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan via google play store.

Finally Google listed nexus up for sale to compete the Apples all three formats of devices (LG Nexus4 Vs iPhone5, Asus nexus7 Vs Apple iPad Mini, Samsung nexus10 Vs Apple iPad). Complete specs updated soon.

Note: Till date none of Google Nexus device listed in india and we are expecting Indias Google play store may list all these devices soon .

Source: Google blog

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has written 95 Articles about Android for this site.
An engineer cum Blogger from Tamilnadu, india. Basically am not a tech columnist or journalist but, Can write and explore my technology review to all reader.
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