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Selasa, 31 Desember 2013

Watch: Solar Power Is the Obvious Energy Choice, and Here Is Why

Photovoltaics company SolarEdge has recently released a new video highlighting why solar power is the “obvious energy choice,” and I for one have to admit that this video is one of the most entertaining of its kind I have thus far had the chance to see.

The video, made available to you above, was released just in time for this year's holiday season. It features SolarEdge employees singing and dancing in an attempt to get people to quit burning fossil fuels for energy and turn to renewables instead.

The message is pretty straightforward: just like maps and oversized TVs or mobile phones, fossil fuels have become obsolete. Hence, the time has come to phase them out and embrace green energy.

As SolarEdge explains, opting for renewables yields both financial and environmental benefits. Thus, green energy causes no pollution, and people who harvest it spend less money on electricity.

“Join us in screaming and shouting that solar power is the OBVIOUS energy choice,” the company writes in the video's description on YouTube.

Lotto Pro 2013 Lottery Software program eight . ten


Genre / Value :


Very last Up-to-date :

Category :
Data Remedies Additional from this developer
Playing cards /Lottery/ Casino / USD 29. 95 buy button
eleven. 50 MB
January 1st, 2014, 05:07 GMT [ look at history ]
C: Shareware Online games

Lotto Professional 2013 Lottery Software operates with all lottery game titles : Decide on - three, Decide on - 4, Choose five, Pick - 6 and Choose - seven and Keno.

Up-to- day drawing documents for all United States and Canadian lotteries. Drawing files are also provided for Australia, Brazil, Belgium, France, Germany,Hong Kong, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Drawing Files can be made for nations that are not detailed.

Below are some key attributes of "Lotto Professional 2013 Lottery Application ":
  • Straightforward to study ! You don't want to be a 'techie' to determine it out.
  • Effortless to use Intelligent number wizard picks the lottery figures to perform based mostly on an investigation of the preceding drawings.
  • Works with all lottery games ! Select - three, Select - four, Decide on 5, Decide on - 6 and Choose - 7 and Keno.
  • Will save time by printing straight on the lottery guess slips, instead than filling out the slips by hand.
  • Will save income by implementing filters that eradicate tickets with unlikely amount combos.
  • Helps prevent problems ! Checks your tickets for winning combos.
  • Totally free program updates! Software updates are often free of charge for anyone who purchases Lotto Pro.
  • Up-to- date drawing files ! The method downloads the newest lottery outcomes. No need to have to enter drawings by hand.
Demands :
  • OS: Win XP or later
  • 10MB RAM
Limitations :
  • 15 days demo time period
  • Nag Display
What is New in This Launch : [ examine full changelog ]
  • Additional the Tennesse Pick 3 and Select 4 early morning game titles.

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File Sharing Apps Bump And Flock Are Now Dead Following Google Acquisition

Bump was and early innovator in the area of file and contact sharing on mobile devices. Interest has waned a bit in recent years, but then Google bought the company back in September. Work seemed to stop on Bump's apps shortly thereafter, and now we're getting the official word Bump and Flock are no more. Both apps will stop working and be removed from Google Play (and the App Store) on January 31st, 2014.">tumblr_inline_mt31wjpHf31rdf8w9

Bump was one of the first apps that made it easy to send files between devices without typing things in. You could just have two phones (geographically) close together and bump them to send files over the internet. Google has since taken up NFC as a more direct method of accomplishing the same thing. Flock was less well-known, but might have been more interesting to Google in terms of technology acquisitions. Flock is an automatic photo sharing app that recognizes faces and can share photos with the people it identifies in them.

If you have data in Bump and Flock, simply opening the apps wi ll offer instructions for getting your data out. Don't procrastinate, though. All user data will be wiped after the shutdown date. The Bump team will go on to work at new projects within Google, but Bump has reached its end.

[Bump Blog]

Bubble Box

Summary: Help Larry and Vicky discover the mystery locked in the trunk in the attic!

Updated: Dec 27, 2013
Found in: android, arcade, casual, globalfun, ios, puzzle, adventure, boxes, bubble

Requirements: Android OS
Downloads: 186
It's always an adventure for perpetual busy bodies, Larry and Vicky, scouting for small treasures and crumbs of tasty treats. Their inquisitive little noses have led them to a dusty old attic where they stumbled upon a forgotten old trunk filled with 8 mysterious boxes marked with ancient engravings. Each box contains 12 different configurations of bubbles which you must burst as quickly as you can by grouping 3 bubbles of the same color. This addictive game even lets you stop, redirect, and bounce bubbles off the wall - useful tactics for complex configurations. What happens when the last box is solved and Larry and Vicky unlock the dazzling mystery of the trunk? Work your way through all 8 levels to discover the secret thats been locked in the attic for ages! video: src=";=odNv2ULy1PQ"

Barcode download

  1. Open your preferred Barcode scanner software
    (Do not have barcode app? Get one here or more on the barcode page).
  2. Point your phone camera at the QR code below and scan it.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

Peppa Pig Tris for Windows eight one ... one


Style / Value :


Past Up to date :

Classification :
Simone R Additional from this developer
Puzzle/Logic/Board online games / Free
1. 50 MB
December 31st, 2013, seventeen : sixteen GMT
C: Freeware Video games

Peppa Pig Tris is a uncomplicated puzzle match in which you will be in a position to obstacle a friend or even your possess computer system to a entertaining game of Tic Tac Toe.

There video game characteristics two recreation modes and six various people. When participating in from the Computer, you will be equipped to choose from 3 levels of difficulty.

With Peppa Pig figures and pleasurable gameplay, the complete relatives can delight in this recreation !

Right here are some critical attributes of "Peppa Pig Tris for Windows eight ":
  • Game tic tac toe of Peppa Pig
Requirements :
  • OS: Windows eight

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Senin, 30 Desember 2013

Verizon Moto G Spotted In Best Buy Retail Packaging For $99.99 Off-Contract

Verizon has already confirmed that they'll be carrying the low-priced Moto G in some capacity in early 2014, but according to a tipster's photograph, it's going to be dramatically cheaper than the already low unlocked price. A reader sent us the image below, which appears to show an off-contract/prepaid Verizon Moto G in retail packaging, on the shelf at Best Buy and with an anti-theft device. The clincher: it's $99.99.">wm_S4DvTkj

We've got no way to verify this photo and it was sent to us without any other information, but a similar one was dropped by Droid-Life a few hours ago. That photo showed basically the same thing minus the price. If one or more Verizon/Best Buy retail locations are already stocking the Moto G, it might indicate that the company is ready to sell the phone at any moment.

The price is the more interesting aspect here. The Moto G is already being sold in the U.S. via Motorola's website for $179 in an unlocked GSM model. Verizon's model would need to have a radio that supports its CDMA wireless bands, and if Verizon's insistence in other products is any indication, it will probably have a bit of bloatware as well. Even so, $80 off an already-cheap phone is impressive, assuming that it maintains the rest of the GSM Moto G's mid-range specifications. It's worth noting here that the GSM Moto G does not include LTE.

At a hundred bucks, without a contract no less, the Moto G would easily be the best mid-range phone in Verizon's lineup. At the moment Verizon only offers the LG Optimus Exceed ($140), the Optimus Zone ($44), and the Samsung Galaxy Legend ($84) with its prepaid plans, and they're all considerably less powerful than the G and run older versions of Android. This also indicates that Verizon may not offer the Moto G to regular contract customers.

Nothing is written in stone yet, but this seems to be pretty compelling evidence. We'll be on the lookout for any more indications that Verizon's Moto G is incoming.

Update: Droid-Life's post is updated with an internal document indicating that the Verizon Moto G will go on sale on January 9th.

Thanks, "r00t4rd3d"

How to Install KDE SC 4.12 on Ubuntu 13.10 and 12.04 LTS

The following tutorial will teach both existing and new Kubuntu/Ubuntu users how to install or upgrade the brand-new and featureful KDE SC 4.12 desktop environment on their existing and healthy Ubuntu/Kubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) and 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) operating systems.

After yet another six months of hard work, the beautiful KDE Software Compilati on reached version 4.12 on December 18, 2013, bringing improvements to its main components: KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications and KDE Platform.

As expected, the Kubuntu developers packaged the KDE Software Compilation's new version for its Kubuntu 13.10 and 12.04 LTS releases, via an easy to use PPA. However, the package also work well on other Ubuntu 13.10 and 12.04 LTS based Linux operating systems, so the following guide will teach you how to install KDE SC 4.12 on top of your existing Ubuntu installation.

  Step 1 – Add KDE SC 4.12 repositories

Open a Terminal window by hitting the CTRL+ALT+T key combination on your keyboard. Copy and paste the following command in the Terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports

Hit Enter, an type your password when asked, and hit the Enter key again. See the next screenshot for details, but do not close the Terminal window yet. Proceed to the next step!

Adding the KDE SC 4.12 PPA in Ubuntu 13.10
Adding the KDE SC 4.12 PPA in Ubuntu 13.10

Now, you need to update the entire package database on your system for the newly added PPA packages with the KDE SC 4.12 release. Copy and paste the following command:

sudo apt-get update

Hit Ente r and wait for it to index the new packages. When it's done, execute the following command (copy and paste) to install KDE SC 4.12 or update your existing KDE installation to the 4.12 version:

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

Once again, hit the Enter key when asked if you want to install all the KDE SC 4.12 packages, and wait for them to be downloaded and installed, a process that will take some time, depending on your network connection and computer specs.

Installing KDE SC 4.12 in Ubuntu 13.10
Installing KDE SC 4.12 in Ubuntu 13.10

When all the KDE SC 4.12 packages have been installed, close the Terminal window and reboot your computer. Immediately after the boot screen, Ubuntu users will notice that the boot splash screen has been replaced with the Kubuntu one, as well as the login screen.

At the login screen, select your username, click the button that says "Ubuntu" and select the KDE Plasma Workspace entry. See the screenshot below for details.

The login screen of Kubuntu 13.10
The login screen of Kubuntu 13.10

Type your password and hit Enter to login. After a few seconds, the KDE SC 4.12 desktop environment will be loaded... Enjoy!

KDE SC 4.12 on Ubuntu 13.10
KDE SC 4.12 on Ubuntu 13.10

  Uninstalling KDE SC 4.12 (opt ional step)

In case you don't like KDE SC 4.12 and you want to remove it from your system and return back to your previous desktop environment, open a Terminal window with the CTRL+ALT+T key combination, access this link and copy/paste that huge command in the terminal window, hit Enter to execute it and again when asked if you want to remove the packages.

After that, type the following commands to remove the rest of the KDE packages from your system (one by one, hitting Enter after each one):

sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

sudo gedit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Now replace "kde-plasma" with "ubuntu" under the 'user-session =' entry, and "lightdm-kde-greeter" with "unity-greeter" under the 'greeter-session=' entry. Save the file and close it. Reboot your computer and everything should be like it was before installing KDE.

Do not hesitate to use our commenting system below in case you encounter any issues with the tutorial.

MobiMonster Phone Recorder for Android

Summary: MobiMonster Phone Recorder for Android define principles or document all phone calls making use of the effective Call Recorder application. Create Auto - Record lists, include notes, kind, modify recording format and send DTMF tones for the duration of a call. Arms down, finest recorder in the industry.

Up-to-date : Dec 27, 2013
Located in: call recorder, mobimonster, mobimonster callrecorder, callrecorder, contact recording application, recording phone software

Requirements : Android OS
Downloads: 304
MobiMonster Get in touch with Recorder for Android Hands down the most Advanced & Function wealthy Phone Recorder in the industry ! Functions Documents Incoming & Outgoing Calls. Documents on Memory Card (MMC/SD Card). Multiple Recording Formats (AMR, MP3, MPG). Hear to recordings from within just the application (No need to down load a separate software ). Automobile begins on phone electricity ON. (Can be deactivated). Prompts on every single get in touch with for recording. (Can be deactivated as for each regulations ) Create "AutoRecord" checklist for automated recording of pre- outlined Incoming Callers. Incorporate notes to recordings. Capability to adjust file identify of recording. Get in touch with Screen Characteristics Commence / Pause recording in an ongoing contact. Mute recent get in touch with. Ship DTMF to caller. View Contacts. Compose SMS. Check out place remaining in Memory card in actual time. Check out overall length of call. Look at complete length of recordin g. RECORDING Listing Form Recording as per day. Search for documents. Set up recordings in Ascending / Descending get. Edit notes of every single recording. Share recordings through e-mail and Bluetooth. Delete recordings. Faucet to listen to recordings from inside the software. - Advance Rule development : Make guidelines to history a get in touch with, a group of contacts or prompts to initiate recording with every get in touch with. - File Management : Every single file can be customised and tagged with notes. All information are made (default) with current day and time stamp for ease of use. Assistance - Dwell Support in the software. Click on Settings > Reside Assist - On the web Assist : contact _us.aspx - Cell Help : cell _ help.aspx Version - Validity: Entire featured two Week trial license. - Compatibility: All Android with OS 4.x and previously mentioned. - Rooting: Not essential, except get in touch with recording is not offered on unit.

Barcode obtain

  1. Open up your favored Barcode scanner application
    (Do not have barcode app ? Get just one below or much more on the barcode page ).
  2. Position your cellphone digicam at the QR code down below and scan it.
  3. Observe the onscreen instructions to progress with the set up.

Age of Wushu Online Patch


Genre / Price:


Last Updated:

Snail G ames | More from this developer
476 KB
December 31st, 2013, 05:38 GMT
C: \ Patch

If you have an older version of the Age of Wushu client you can upgrade your game to the latest version using this patch.

Using it you will make sure that your game runs bug free and you benefit from the latest features available.

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Haunted Halls: Nightmare Dwellers Strategy Manual


Style / Selling price :


Final Updated :

Category :
Big Fish Games Much more from this developer
Puzzle/Logic/ Concealed Object / USD 9. 99 buy button
eighteen.27 MB
December thirtieth, 2013, seventeen :38 GMT
C: Cheat / Alternatives

Haunted Halls: Nightmare Dwellers is a concealed object experience sport wherever you will have to uncover the supply of some odd phenomenons that have been developing in a substantial mansion.

Using this cheat is just like receiving the hints and recommendations immediately from everyday game professionals. The Method Information function large, in depth screenshots, and effortless to fully grasp descriptions.

Notice : This is a downloader for the recreation. Once operate, the application will mechanically down load and put in the sport on your computer system.

To acquire the solution you require to register with Large Fish. The registration is absolutely free and the account will let you receive free of charge video games, enjoy neighborhood games or participate in match boards, compose testimonials as effectively as present you significa nt discounts.

Here are some essential capabilities of "Haunted Halls: Nightmare Dwellers Technique Manual ":
  • In- sport screenshots
  • Wonderful guidelines
  • Valuable suggestions and hints
Specifications :
  • OS: Home windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Home windows 7 / Windows eight
  • CPU: 600 Mhz
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • DirectX: six.
  • Hard Push : 22 MB
Constraints :
  • 5 minutes engage in time

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