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December 15th, 2013, 05: 15 GMT [ look at record ]
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Dragon's Prophet is a unique fantasy MMO that takes you to the spectacular world of Auratia. In a globe exactly where additional than three hundred special dragons roam the land, you ought to struggle, capture, educate and experience them to unlock epic expertise and qualities that will enable you in your travels.

Decide on 1 of the 4 unique player courses and start your journey on this wonderful continent. Mysteries, difficulties and monsters await as gamers battle for their survival and that of the complete realm.

Requirements :
  • OS: Windows Vista, 7 & eight
  • CPU: Main two Duo two, 4 Ghz or equivalent
  • RAM: two GB
  • Graphic Board: Nvidia 8600 GT or equivalent
  • Challenging Disk House : 20 GB
What's New in This Launch : [ examine complete changelog ]
  • New Articles :
  • Christmas decorations are here !
  • One more New Sky Island incoming on Friday thirteenth.
  • Kindred Compass Update.
  • Normal Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an problem that prevented the use of the 'Beckoning Flame Painting' ( beforehand called 'Horizontal Flame Painting').
  • The 'Vysk's Vengeance Bow' will now show correctly.
  • Dragons & Capabilities :
  • Set the cooldown timers for the adhering to expertise on Duality:
  • Paralyzing Latest
  • Armor Crack
  • Lifebloom
  • Resolved an problem with the skills 'Dragon Battle Cry' and 'Life Sharing' giving a re duce percentage than said when at Lv10.
  • Fixed a texture issue with 'raptor-like' dragons.
  • The next dragons will now show their correct movement speeds:
  • Inferno
  • Sickle Fang
  • Plated Longtooth Dragon
  • Horned Wingcrawler Dragon
  • Violent Impcrown Dragon
  • Omen Raptor Dragon
  • Greedy Omen Dragon
  • Raging Storm
  • Silverthorn
  • Vicious Raptor Dragon
  • Jade Predator Dragon
  • Scarlet-tinged Amethyst Dragon
  • Stoic Stitchscale Dragon
  • Mottled Impcrown Dragon
  • Stalwart Thornedge Dragon
  • Ab...

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