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Meeting Point

Summary: Do you want to meet and talk to people that is around you (same WiFi)?

Updated: Dec 22, 2013
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Requirements: Android OS 4+ ,Samsung Devices Only!
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For Samsung Devices with Android 4+ ONLY! Do you want to meet and talk to people that is around you (same WiFi)? Meeting Point is the perfect tool for the job. Meet people with the same interests. With this app meeting and chatting dont stop! Key features: -Works over WiFi or WiFi Direct (without access point) -Meet new people and chat! -You can talk in public or private rooms. -Exchange photos and other files with one click -Build your profile and enter key features like who you are and what you are looking for:) -Paint a drawing and send it! -Use funny emotes and if he (or she) doesn't pay attention, go ahead and send a ding! -Works on Samsung Smartphones (e.g. S3, S4, S3 Mini-android 4.0+) -Easy fast navigation. Use it anywhere, in a cafeteria, restaurant, club, classroom (ok just don't let the teacher see you...) etc. Meeting Point is the perfect hangout place over WiFi. This app uses the Chord system and therefore is available for Samsung Smartphones only. Powered by Samsung's Chord and provided for free by GoMLV. Works over wifi, wifi direct only.

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