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Selasa, 30 April 2013

Paranoid Android States Hello To Halo 'This Is How You Do Multi Windowing On Android'

Following some teasing, Paranoid Android has unveiled (in a lovely promo graphic ) their program for multi-window features on Android, which they assure to "get right," Halo.

The premise is simple, nevertheless particularly formidable in scope allow apps to give you notifications correct on top rated of your screen, which allow you to pop into that application with no leaving the one you are in (no make any difference what it is), consider care of enterprise, and resume your knowledge uninterrupted. The normal concept, which rejects the idea of a distracting notification shade, and shuns implementations like "whacky s-multiwindow," is no question influenced by Facebook's admittedly awesome Chat Heads operation, perhaps the most powerful funct ion of its new House application .

From a person knowledge standpoint, Halo appears fantastic, and claims to present a welcomed alter from the pull-down shade in favor of a far more visually wealthy and considerate method of leaping between applications.">Untitled-1

Some of you could remember Cornerstone, a multi-window-ish implementation CyanogenMod toyed with for a temporary time ahead of Googler Dianne Hackborn explained the concerns with Cornerstone as she noticed them, what it may do to Android compatibility, and what the repercussions may be.

If you happen to be concerned Halo will confront the same scrutiny, PA suggests simply do not be. Paranoid Android emphasizes that Halo's implementation is prepared "from scratch," and will (theoretically) move Android's compatibility check suite. A Googl e+ article explains the complex underpinnings of the process for these intrigued in a a lot more comprehensive explanation.

If you happen to be a Paranoid Android supporter (or just another person who's yearned for a decent multi-window implementation), preserve an ear to the ground Paranoid Android has not manufactured an official announcement pertaining to the anticipated completion of the task, or when you can be in a position to get your arms on Halo, but development so significantly would seem promising, to say the least.

Resource : Google+

Web Explorer Topped the Range Just one Browser in April

Web Explorer has after once again managed to snatch the 1st placement in the browser earth , this time many thanks to variation eight. and its market share of 23.08 %.

In accordance to April 2013 studies offered by market researcher Internet Applications , Web Explorer nine. was the next most well-known browser final month with eighteen. 17 %, while Chrome 26 was only third with an overall market share of thirteen.22 p.c.

Firefox twenty came up coming with nine. 57 %, when World wide web Explorer 6., Microsoft&rsquos eleven - calendar year - outdated browser, was still mounted on six.22 percent of pcs around the globe.

The fantastic information is that Internet Explorer 10 &rsquos market place share has grown a ton in t he very last 30 days, reaching a record 6.02 percent that makes it the sixth most well-known browser at this point. If every little thing goes very well, expect IE10 to overtake IE6 by the conclude of May.



Genre / Price:


Last Updated:

Michalis Nicolaides | More from this developer
Puzzle/Logic / FREE
1.56 MB
May 1st, 2013, 04:38 GMT [view history]
C: \ Freeware Games

M-emo-ry is a simple pair memory game. The objective is simple: match the emoticons until you clear the screan. The game is designed for small kids, but everyone is more than welcome to play.


· OS: Windows Vista/7

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added question mark to the default image, changes color to a lighter one and show the number of checks when completing the game.

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IQ Scanner by Ape Apps

Summary: Find out how wise you truly are!

Up to date : Apr 29, 2013
Discovered in: iq, examination, scanner, fingerprint, prank

Downloads: 3078
Who is smarter, you or your mate ? Do you have a potential in the sciences? Will you be equipped to out consider your foes? Really should you sign up for the following recreation display ? Are you the following kid genius? To know all of these and much more, you ought to 1st know your IQ! Come across out with this amazing IQ Fingerprint Scanner! Simply position your thumb on the scanning pad, wait around for the scan and calculation to comprehensive, and the application will try to decide what your IQ is! This application is a prank. Does your phone's display screen really have the capacity to read through your finger print? No. Any app that tells you it can read your fingerprint for authentic is lying. It is a excellent gag to demonstrate your pals however. And chicks do dig dudes with IQ scanner applications on their telephones, it really is a established reality. Aside from, if your target thinks the IQ rating they get from the app, then it is probably precise !

Ba rcode download

  1. Open your preferred Barcode scanner computer software
    (Do not have barcode app ? Get one particular here or a lot more on the barcode site ).
  2. Position your phone camera at the QR code below and scan it.
  3. Adhere to the onscreen directions to commence with the set up.

Flower Shop : Winter season In Fairbrook one . two . 1


Genre / Selling price :


Previous Up-to-date :

Classification :
Winter Wolves Additional from this developer
Board video games / EUR 19. 99 buy button
36. 50 MB
April 30th, 2013, sixteen : forty seven GMT
C: Shareware Video games

The Flower Store : Winter season In Fairbrook is a relationship and farming simulation recreation and requires spot right after the 1st Flower Shop video game, Summer months In Fairbrook.

Natalie has hardly survived her very first semester in school, and all she wants is a crack. Even so, her mother and father insist that she start out acting like a dependable adult and get a job throughout her school's wintertime crack.

In no time at all, Natalie's roommate sets her up with a work, and she's transported off to the town of Fairbrook for a mundane task in a flower store. What is a very poor, tired college student to do?

Engage in as Natalie and meet some of the characters of the initial recreation like Clara, Susana, Steve, Trent, Jacob plus a "new entry": Ryan, who runs the standard retail outlet of the town.

You will have to plan your months and who you commit time with making use of the w eekly scheduler. Personalize every single week, devote time with who you like, or dismiss all people and work all working day. Will not forget about to consider a split when in a even though, or your overall health will endure.

Acquire manage of Natalie as she spends winter season in Fairbrook raising flowers, building pals, and maybe even obtaining adore !

Needs :

· Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/ seven
· CPU one. two Ghz
· 256 MB RAM

Limits :

· Confined recreation engage in

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Senin, 29 April 2013

UnReal World RPG 3.16


Genre / Price:


Last Updated:

Sami Maaranen and Erkka Lehmus< /strong> | More from this developer
24.80 MB
April 30th, 2013, 04:58 GMT [view history]
C: \ Shareware Games

UnReal World, or UrW, is a unique graphical roguelike RPG taking place in the Far North long, long ago.

It brings you a realistic game world rich with historical atmosphere in which northern folklore, knowledge and way of life play an important part.
The atmosphere and game features are highly original and compelling.

As a member of one of the nine different cultures you'll enter a very realistic and enchanting game world. Choose your destiny and start playing!

Here are some key features of "UnReal World RPG":

· packed with intuitive graphics and pictures, original music and sounds
· play freely or complete various game tasks in a huge randomly generated world
· skill-based system including dozens of skills from COOKERY to HIDEWORKING
· find excitement in surv iving everyday life and the quest for success in the harsh ancient wilderness
· keep in touch with the indigenous spirit world and the supernatural guardians of nature

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· improved: wielding a new weapon when both hands are in use
· If you wield a weapon when both hands in use your secondary weapon is automatically taken off and the new weapon is wielded as a secondary weapon.
· fixed: possibility to climb while hauling items
· This was not intentional, and doesn't work anymore. [p]ush items to bring a heavy load on the other side of a fence etc.
· fixed: dogs being attracted by baited traps
· They did not enter traps, but failed to notice safer food options nearby.
· fixed: dogs eating from cellars
· fixed: fat not accepted as raw meat
· It's accepted now..for those who want their fat cooked.
· added: simple configuration file to customize some game options
View and edit urw_ini.txt in your installation folder to customize the following options:
· Keep examine distant location (F3) dialog active for repeated selections until cancelled?
· Ask to climb fences, or climb them automatically?
· Ask a confirmation to exit zoomed in map if dogs or companions are left behind?
· fixed: dogs can hurt animals in a tree
· fixed: occasional meat description changes if different types of meat was prepared at the same location
· balanced: dogs - the price and behaviour
· Changes apply mostly to their hunting behaviour, which resembled more that of a well-trained war dog rather than a common hunting dog.

Hunting large animals:
· Dogs now primarily aim to block animal's escape route by heading in front of it in order to make it stop or to change its course. Most importantly hunting dogs now bark in alarm when they've got the animal cornered or momentarily stopped.

Hunting small animals:
· Same tactics as with large animals, but dogs also tend to make occasional attacks and usually manage to injure their prey quite effectively.

Hunting aggressive animals:
· No relevant changes. Dogs fight as bravely as they always do, with some individual variations in the mix. If cornered animal turns aggressive, the dog will fight it. If the prey animal escapes again, the dog tries to block its escape route and lets you know about it by barking.

· Dogs are now more valuable. Their price is tripled.

· added: NPC/animal fatigue information displayed
· Upon looking at creatures (F3) their fatigue level is displayed: "It looks [slightly fatigued/fatigued/very fatigued/breathless]."
· added: "Yes/No" dialog to ask if you want to climb the fence when you move on it.
· added: hide quality depends on how damaged the carcass is
· If the carcass to be skinned is partially eaten or otherwise damaged the quality of resulting hide is accordingly lower, and skinning is more difficult.
· It's worthwhile for fur hunters to bring the animal down quickly and effectively to prevent ruining the hide with excess strikes.
· The smaller the animal the less strikes are need to damage its hide.
· In general edge and point attacks pierce the hide most effectively so blunt weapons are something to consider for knocking the small game dead.
· Location of the wounds also affects to possible hide damage. You can get a perfect hide even if the carcass has been beheaded or misses a hoof or two, but dozen of spear strikes in its abdomen doesn't look good in finished hide.
· There's a damage tag displayed upon looking at the carcass: harmed/torn/hacked/mangled/grisly
· If there's no tag displayed the carcass is intact in terms of utilizing the hide.
· fixed: cancelling aiming zone/weapon aspect in counterstrike
· fixed: False skinnig message: "The [NULL] is the right tool here, but suffers from..."
· fixed: "hides & skins" not listed by default when making cords
· fixed: purchasing multiple animals within one talk session only gives you one
· Talk session now ends after each completed animal trade. You need to talk again to trade for another animal.
· fixed: sacrificing unknown plants reveals their true name
· fixed: leashed animals not always following you upon zooming out
· If they were stuck behind trees, walls, other creatures, they would stay on zoomed in maps.
· added: zo om in/out confirmation dialog if your companions/dogs are getting left behind
· If companions or dogs can't follow you upon zooming in/out you'll be notified and asked if you really want to leave the area.
· added: name of your leashed pet is displayed in character's inventory with the leash in use
· added: press [ESC] to skip "more" prompt in message display
· Rest of the messages for given turn will be displayed without pausing on every screenful of messages.
· changed: key command to show character profile screen is now [P]
· removed: access to other profiles (rituals, skills etc.) from character profile screen has been removed
· It wasn't that useful.
· fixed: non-stacking items
· Traded items, or items gotten from NPCs, did not always stack with same kind of self made items.
· fixed: animals occasionally "freezing" beside traps without entering nor passing them< br /> · fixed: occasional plant alteration during threshing
· You threshed some rye, but got blueberries. (It was about berry eating animals nearby messing up the data)
· fixed: when tanning skins rinsing and soaking can degrade the skin quality
· This wasn't intentional. Those tanning stages now do not affect the skin quality - they are not so challenging considering the whole tanning process.
· fixed: numpad issues after switching tasks
· fixed: sleeping disorders
· Short, interrupted sleeps were often more refreshing than long uninterrupted sleeps.
· added: sleeping on furs for extra warmth and comfort
· The fur needs to be of decent size to act as proper ground cover or blanket. Several smaller furs can be used instead of one big pelt.

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Yahoo! For Android Goes one . With Tale Streams, 'Summaries By Yahoo!'

Yahoo's self-branded app for Android known as uncomplicated Yahoo! has just moved up to variation one., an update that provides with it some not-insignificant enhancements.

Initially between these is the app's story streams and "summaries by Yahoo!", in which information stories are parsed into chunk -sized summaries. The performance is rather very similar to Wavii's aggregation and summarization support, but is far more in all probability tied to Yahoo's new acquisition of Summly. Even though we cannot be confident just still if Summly's handiwork is building Yahoo's application tick at the rear of the scenes, it was noted at the time of acquisition that the summary service's engineering would " before long return to a number of Yahoo! goods." Yahoo! also guarantees to adapt to your u se styles, making the information you're presented with a lot more related the more you use the application.

The app also makes it possible for users to pick out subjects they'd like to listen to far more about, and provides a "revamped" search feature. The app's interface loosely impressed by the oft-praised holo model just isn't as well shabby possibly.">unnamed (1)unnamed (3)unnamed (4)

Overall, Yahoo's 1. iteration for Android appears to be a solid exhibiting. If you are by now a user, seize the update. If not , you can find under no circumstances been a superior time to give it a shot.


Summary: Fujiyama mountain live wallpaper. Slipping leaves, swaying branches of sakura, smoking cigarettes volcano and solar rays

Up-to-date : Apr 29, 2013
Observed in: mountain, japan, lwp

Requirements : Android OS
Downloads: one hundred thirty five
Fujiyama mountain reside wallpaper. Slipping leaves, swaying branches of sakura, smoking cigarettes volcano and sunshine rays

Barcode obtain

  1. Open up your most well-liked Barcode scanner software program
    (Do not have barcode app ? Get one here or much more on the barcode page ).
  2. Level your cell phone camera at the QR code under and scan it.
  3. Follow the onscreen directions to progress with the installation.

Star Command Arriving on iOS on May 2, Android Coming Soon

After almost 3 years of work, the successfully funded project Star Command is finally making its way onto App Store. According to War Balloon Games developer, the game should arrive on iOS platform on May 2.

Those who have backed the project on Kickstarter will receive some bonuses via redeeming codes, but the game will not be free.

For those unfamiliar with the Kickstarter project, Star Command is a mobile game where players are given the opportunity to build their own ships, recruit their crews and explore the universe. You will be able to discover alien life and engage in battles, all for the good of humankind.

War Balloon Games has confirmed that Star Command will be available on Android platform as well, but no release date has been unveiled yet. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

Rise Of The Visually Impared


Genre / Cost :


Final Updated :

Classification Far more from this developer
Arcade / Totally free
four.34 MB
April 29th, 2013, sixteen : forty nine GMT
C: Freeware Games

Increase Of The Visually Impared is a tiny arcade prime -down shooter in which you have to shoot as a lot of zombies as doable in advance of they handle to get rid of you.

Use WASD to transfer all around, Still left Mouse Simply click to shoot and Spacebar to reload your weapon. Have enjoyable !

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