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December 28th, 2013, 05:24 GMT [ look at historical past ]
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MegaMek is an unofficial, on the web edition of the Basic BattleTech board recreation.

At the moment, practically all degree 1 BattleTech principles and engineering are operating. Work is progressing on degree two rules and know-how, and most of individuals are useful at this point. Even some amount 3 regulations have been additional to make the match simpler.

MegaMek is open up resource, absolutely free software. It is licenced underneath the GPL.

Here are some key features of "MegaMek":
· Community or hotseat play for two or a lot more gamers
· A crafty AI opponent for offline play
· All degree 1 (3025) tech
· Most level 2 (2750, 3050+) tech
· Compatible with all 3025 mechs and many from later on eras
· Most level one guidelines executed
· Numerous amount two guidelines executed, such as cars, infantry and fire < br />· Map board collection and enhancing
· Map boards based mostly off official map packs involved
· Mech choice and assist for some mech editors
· Most formal mech styles included
· Coloration graphics
· Lasers

What is actually New in This Launch : [ examine total changelog ]
  • Bug: Preset some difficulties with the route planner. First, for the applicant listing,
  • I changed the ArrayList to a PriorityQueue. There was also a bug exactly where each and every
  • 256 iterations it would check out to see if the current path was superior than the
  • at the moment saved very best route and if it wasn't it would stop. This is an
  • assumption that isn't going to generally keep and generally resulted in the A*
  • route -planner halting prematurely. If the A* path -planner failed to access the
  • objective, the path is finished with a straight-line planner. Repairing this allows
  • the A* planner to function for for a longer time and therefore come across much better paths
  • ( even though it truly is even now has a maximu time limit ).
  • Attribute : Extra motor name, gyro type and myomer title to MechSummary and set
  • these values when the summaries are made
  • Included a tool to generate a CSV of MechSummaries for all units in the knowledge information,
  • excluding infantry. This was requested by Hammer for some MekHQ facts function.
  • Bug [#3848]: ImageCache.get utilizes costly functions
  • Patch: MaxTech Moveme...

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