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Earth 2037- two

Summary: As the upgraded version of "EARTH2037", the sport "EARTH2037- 2 " is a new technology typical cellular activity which combines Wars & Approach.

Up to date : Feb 3, 2013
Discovered in: star war video games, 2037, earth 2037, soaring sunshine kindom, hawk horde, human alliance

Needs : Android OS two. 2 or Bigger
As the Mayan prophecy predicted, in 2012 there have been ongoing world-wide disasters. Earthquake and tsunami came, loads of Asian nations around the world were being flooded. North America were lined by darkish smoke as a result of of the volcanic eruption. Nations around the world in the planet spare no effort and hard work to guide them selves. But with the increasing disaster and the depletion of normal methods, wrestle involving the nations around the world appeared frequently. Purely natural disasters turned into the gentleman - developed disasters, negotiations turned into wars. The order of old entire world collapsed wholly and went to the darkest age. In buy to make living, human begun applying unproven technologies mad that introduced the new civilization last of all. A brutal war for competing the closing survival amongst Climbing Sun Kingdom which built by Variation, Human Alliance which built by standard consumers and Hawk Horde which developed by tremendous machine boosted out. Earth dying, all civilizations turned to house. Around the yrs, lastly discovered a planet for immigrants -- Pandora. Galaxy Journey the colonial fleet advance of civilization Logged Pandora. Hundreds of floor base were built just like the stars appeared on the earth. A new web page of history have been turned, new battles commenced.

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