Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

New Video for Agnis Philosophy Shows Luminous Engine Capabilities

A new video has surfaced for Agni’s Philosophy, with the development team at Square Enix showing off the capabilities of the new Luminous engine.

The video shows off animators from the studio quickly and easily chancing aspects of the trailer that Square Enix launched for Agni’s Philosophy, a process that take a lot of time at the moment.

The Luminous engine seems to be uniquely suited for quick work on trailers and the flexibility probably extends to the actual game development process.

Agni’s Philosophy will probably never become an actual game and the team is focused on using it as a showcase for the features of the new game tech.

Square Enix wants to make Luminous one of the core engines for the next generation of home consoles and wants to persuade third parties to use it for future projects.

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