Rabu, 07 Agustus 2013

Microsoft Updates Endless Skater for Windows 8, Download Now

Endless Skater is one of the Windows 8 games that got improved lately so, in case you’ve already installed it, make sure you launch the Store and deploy the update as soon as possible.

A new version was officially released today, packing a few bug fixes and performance improvements aimed at both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

“Beautifully stylized graphics will pull you into the action as you weave through the halls of the school, or jump across enormous roof gaps! Look for hidden bonuses and pickups in levels to boost your scores and Xbox achievements!” the app description reads.

The game co ntinues to offer two different environments, several skaters, 25 tricks, and virtually unlimited combinations, while also providing Xbox achievements and leaderboards for all Windows 8 versions.

Download Endless Skater for Windows 8/RT

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