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PSA: YouTube Are living Streams, Personal Videos , And Mobile -Disabled Movies Really don't Work With The Chromecast

Ended up you hoping to get 'round the flatscreen and Chromecast with your local Android End users Team for the reside stream of Google's following Nexus party ? Too undesirable : at the minute, YouTube live stream video clips just won't perform with Chromecast, as shown by our tipster Nathan. We tried it employing the Lollapalooza 2013 live stream, and positive ample, it just is not going to show.">8-3-2013 5-37-03 PMScreenshot_2013-08-03-17-32-05

This absence of features is documented in Google's assistance page as properly , however the explanation isn't obvious. Movies set to " private " and films disabled for cell vi ewers are similarly inaccessible ( don't forget that Chromecast is jogging a modified variation of Android) no issue what gadget you " cast " to your Tv, or from what account. Apparently, sending a dwell stream to Chromecast from a desktop or notebook with the total Chrome browser will enable you listen to the audio and see a number of choppy frames, but it isn't close to satisfactory. Google may well handle this with a future update, or they may possibly not - I can't envision that these somewhat slim use circumstance scenarios are a lot of a precedence.

On a personalized be aware, I can report that working with an Android system as a cell WiFi hotspot also will not likely work - you can not " cast " from your mobile phone to the Chromecast when it truly is staying utilised as the Net link. You can operate close to this by having another Android product or laptop handy, but that helps make it even more durable to take pleasure in the Chromecast even though traveling .

Resource : Google YouTube Guidance - many thanks to Nathan for the suggestion !

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