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FreeOrion . four . 3 / 6535 Exam


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FreeOrion is a totally free, open up source, turn - dependent house empire and galactic conquest (4X) laptop video game currently being designed and created by the FreeOrion venture.

FreeOrion was influenced by the custom of the Master of Orion online games, but is not a clone or remake of that series or any other match.

Necessities :
  • OS: Home windows Vista/ seven
What is actually New in This Launch : [ read entire changelog ]
  • New Functions / Advancements :
  • Basic change to ship defend mechanics: ship shields lower the volume of harm experienced from a strike by a mounted value ( identified by the protect strength stat), as an alternative of giving extra structure that regenerates between battles
  • Reworked offer block / fleet movement blockade mechanics
  • Supply blocks and fleet motion blockades have been harmonized to occur in the identical scenarios
  • Non-stationary ships no longer develop blockades / source -blocks
  • Armed aggressive fleets arriving in a program and then remaining stationary will preserve any supply circulation for their empire, and block it against enemies not previously getting armed intense fleets present.
  • If armed intense fleets for two enemy empires get there at a program at the identical time, offer maintenance requires priority more than offer blocks -- they will every keep offer for for their empire, and not block offer for the other, for so extended as each sides remain and endure.
  • An empire 'secures' use of. ..

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