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Push Alert

Summary: Be notified in time when switching on your favorite webpages

Updated: Nov 29, 2013
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Requirements: Android OS
Downloads: 20
Monitor your favorite pages without charge. PUSH ALERT is a simple tool to monitor any changes that you want working on your favorite webpages. It uses the push notification system without consumption of your phone plan. Create your own alerts and be notified automatically on your smartphone or tablet in time. With PUSH ALERT, you will be notified as soon as such : - The item you want to buy is available or the price has changed, - A new object or a new property is sold on your favorite site, - A proposed new job has been published, - A competitor out a novelty, - The album, video or book your favorite artist just published, - The domain name of your future website has just been released, - A new message has been posted on the blog that you follow ... The possibilities are endless to be the first informed and do not miss the news and bargains! To create yo ur alert, nothing more simple: - In the application, visit the web page to monitor, - Go to "edit" mode, - Click on the page to the target area (text, pictures, links, ...), - Back by giving a name for your alert. And that's all. You will be notified whenever the target area for your alert change. You can also list your alerts, rename, delete, and modify the target area. PUSH ALERT does not require or use any personal information. No phone function is needed to create or receive your alerts on your Android smartphone or your tablet.

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