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Cal Current To v1. 1 With New "HeadsUp" Function To Provide Conference - Focused Settings And Performance To Your Calendar

Cal comes from the makers of, and it's got the identical level of polish and functionality end users of that app anticipate. Cal is finding a nice update these days that adds a new feature referred to as HeadsUp. This is truly a collection of capabilities that are created to make meetings more hassle-free.">heY4X0oAi991u-o_t9G31h0GcNw7DiDrM58u3MbFkAoq8swPBHGOKskLaQZ5B66FsbBPjnO_jYMq24GHmkyKFwcdMoau1C1Z2yGV9rqDOfaE6webOAxOq-PJlHV5sCkFoCij-zZGuzLXLh3V1Rhhc05visKmEFJ5JCUF9bG_k2dE

HeadsUp is built into Cal and will pop up a specific options display screen prior to, during, and after a meeting. Here's what you will get on just about every one of them.

Just before a conference :

  • Navigate your wa y with Google maps
  • Allow participants know youre running late
  • Get an Uber and get there on time
  • Email a concept to the invitees

Throughout a assembly :

  • Mute your cell phone to avoid interruptions
  • Increase jobs as they appear up in conversation
  • Consider images of white board drawings, diagrams, documents to share with absolutely everyone
  • File online video or audio of whats staying talked about
  • Send out a summary e-mail to the group

Following a conference :

  • Incorporate or deliver action things to your peers
  • Established Observe -up conferences with all people concerned
  • Mail an e-mail summary to get everyone on the same webpage


It would seem like a sturdy new tool. It can be not strictly a conference resource you could make use of a lot of this for other, less small business -y occasions. Cal is cost-free, so just take a peek if you are into it. The update with HeadsUp is by now are living in Google Play.

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