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February 21st, 2014, 05:23 GMT [ look at heritage ]
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A entire world of choices - a spot exactly where you have the potential to do nearly anything at all you can imagine. In a little over a year, Next Life's Residents have crafted a richly textured entire world filled with hundreds of 1000's of objects of their individual development.

Sophisticated and compelling figures dwell in just about every conceivable creating from whimsical hobbit- houses to soaring city towers to a medieval castle exactly where visitors battle huge bugs to gain treasure. The nearby zoo attributes killer whale rides, pace boats ply the waterways, and a Resident-abducting alien house ship has been acknowledged to take a look at - all of it imagined and produced by Next Life's Inhabitants.

To start off your Next Life trial, simply down load Second Lifestyle, sign-up to produce your character, choose your membership prepare, and log in. You're next life is right here !

Listed here are some important capabilities of " Second Lifetime Client ":
  • Roam a 3D living landscape total of fascinating destinations and points
  • Visit neighborhoods, shopping malls, nightclubs, sports arenas, churches, libraries, casinos- practically each and every place that exists in the authentic globe
  • Journey in castles, space stations, dungeons, Wild West cities, and cities in the sky- practically almost everything from the infinite universe of the imagination
  • Travel on foot, or by planes, trains, and traveling saucers gondolas, gas -injected muscle autos, mechanical unicorns, fearsome gun ships, big snails, smog-belching mech robots, stardust- run magic broomsticks-or on your personal electricity, with the innate skill that all Residents have, to teleport and fly at will
  • Change your character& #039s overall look to glance like nearly anything - an imaginary superhero, a mythical monster, or your possess mirror picture
  • Alter your actuality with easy but complex 3D development instruments : construct homes, style and design furnishings create clothing, jewelry, and artwork
  • Discover the Linden Scripting Language to give lifetime to your creations: weapons that shoot, vehicles that traverse the air, land, and sea construct in- entire world game titles of all assortment and style
  • Collaborate on tasks reside in genuine time with other Citizens, to build an overall town, a complete - showcased match, and far more
  • Commit time and ingenuity in a completely built-in financial system
  • Promote and market your business to a metropolis -sized populace of customers
  • Trade the Linden Dollars you gain for genuine dollars, and vice versa
  • Donate your earnings to in- planet assignments, or true entire world non- income leads to and businesses
  • Make all or portion of your true world dwelling from your endeavours in Second Lifestyle
  • Sign up for a vibrant modern society bustling with persons from nations all above the genuine entire world
  • Share laughs and functions at the dozens of in- entire world activities going on daily
  • Party endlessly at nightclubs, style displays, artwork openings, fancy costume balls
  • Host your possess social activities for enjoy, enjoyable, and earnings
  • Fall in enjoy, get married at a virtual assistance -and officially designate your Next Lifestyle lover
  • Bounce into multiplayer and solo engage in in dozens of in- world games produced by avid gamers, for players
  • Contend with other Resident avid gamers in very first - person shooters, fantasy RPGs, puzzle, and strategy games, all designed by the People on their own
  • Race to uncover scavenger hunt objects across the complete globe, or hunt your prey in assassination video games wherever just about every Resident is a suspected triggerman (or triggerwoman!)
  • Take pleasure in solo board video games or story - driven adventures, or casual social online games of likelihood and ability
  • Obtain the floor beneath your ft hold the rights to everything you produce in- world
  • Acquire, rent, and provide land
  • Produce the land you own, for particular use, business, or initiatives of all varieties
  • Contend in on-line auctions to get residence
  • Keep Intellectual Residence legal rights over your in- globe creations. Your functions are yours to do with as you be sure to.
Requirements :
  • OS: 2000, XP, or Vista XP or Vista
  • CPU: 800 MHz Pentium III or Athlon, or far better one. 5 GHz (XP), two -GHz (V ista) 32- bit (x86) or better
  • RAM: 512 MB or additional 1 GB or a lot more
  • Internet Connection : Cable or DSL Cable or DSL
What is New in This Release : [ examine total changelog ]
  • MAINT-3068 Inconsistent selection menus on resident names in Conversations floater
  • MAINT-3131 Death to GPU Desk
  • MAINT-3150 Given that CHUI, COF no extended shows a folder backlink to your currently worn outfit.
  • MAINT-3163 Considering that CHUI, floaters can be moved completely beneath bottom toolbar buttons and " dropped ".
  • MAINT-3169 [ Advancement ] Prevent most current Voice assistance from connecting or error popup from taking place when Voice Chat setting is disabled in the viewer.
  • MAINT-3174 When reside nt is sharing some item with you, there is no context menu in IM conversation.
  • MAINT-3231 Remove prompt to make new account
  • MAINT-3250 Dragging on the Map does not operating correctly
  • MAINT-3269 crash in LLMessageSystem::callExceptionFunc
  • MAINT-3275 No auto reaction when sending IM to a man or woman that is in DND manner
  • MAINT-3285 RenderDepthOfField debug location needs description tweak
  • MAINT-3289 User is not in a position to open mini inspector by 1 click on on 'i' icon
  • MAINT-3305 'Chat history' is enabled in contex menu for oneself.
  • ...

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