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Scid vs. Pc 4 . eleven Secure / 20140116 Beta


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February 19th, 2014, 05:03 GMT [ view history ]
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Shane's Chess Details Database (Scid) is a highly effective Chess Toolkit that can help you to generate a massive chess database, run engine investigation and even play informal video games towards the computer system or on-line. Scid vs. Computer system is a bug- deal with and usability resource for Scid. 

What's New in This Launch : [ read through complete changelog ]
  • Standard :
  • Drag and Fall file open up (s) on Home windows and Unix
  • Custom made qualifications illustrations or photos (jpegs, gifs and pngs)
  • Random sort pgn element.
  • Crosstable now have +/-/= subtotals
  • and Player Stats structure tra nsformed from +/=/- to +/-/=).
  • Standard PGN look for has disregard scenario choice
  • Board Lookup receives it is combobox up-to-date when DBs are opened and closed.
  • Save sport just before PGN Import
  • Conserve match : empower the use of 'prev recreation tags' for existing game titles. This enables uncomplicated addition of the very same tags to consecutive present online games.
  • Get rid of the 'Scid: ' prefix from a number of window titles
  • Update some translations
  • Show Linux model /distro in the startup window.
  • Incorporate a patch to make toolbar buttons increase only ( instead of toggle open up /shut)
  • Incorporate a patch for Chess960 assistance (from Ben Hague).
  • Examination :
  • UCI: effectively cope with UCI buttons. Earlier they were being invoked at each engine restart.
  • Right clicking 'Add Var' button adds Motor Score comment only.
  • Change ponder on/off with challenging / easy for xboard engines
  • Su...

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