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PSA: Google Wallet 'Tap And Pay' Operation Appears To Be Performing On Most KitKat Updates For Units On Isis Carriers

As Android four. four /KitKat updates start off rolling out to gadgets on all the main US carriers, a single frequently requested query has to do with no matter if or not these devices will incorporate Android's new " Faucet and Pay " function . This was just one of the main additions in KitKat and allows almost any device with an NFC chip to be used for " faucet and go" cell payments, even if said chip isn't going to have a developed -in protected aspect. This means that Google Wallet's tap and fork out attribute, which has historically been disabled on most Android equipmen t save for carrier - unbiased Nexus/GPE units, and pick Sprint phones, will now perform just fantastic irrespective of system or provider.

However, there has been a good deal of understandable fear that AT&T, Verizon, and T- Cellular may well demand this location to be hidden, disabled, or eradicated altogether thanks to the reality that all a few of them are pushing Isis Cell Wallet, which is a immediate competitor to Google Wallet. Luckily, these fears seem to be unneeded, at the very least so considerably. Now that we've noticed KitKat roll out for some gadgets on all of the Isis carriers, it seems that this functionality is alive and effectively, and you are totally free to use Google Wall et if you select.


Below are a list of products that are confirmed to have the function enabled and, by extension, have Google Wallet's cell payment feature offered :

  • HTC 1 (All Isis Carriers)
  • Moto X (All Isis Carriers)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T, KitKat update not still obtainable for T- Mobile and Verizon variants)

So significantly, the only unit I can find with an formal KitKat update that lacks " faucet and spend " is the LG G2 on AT&T. Offered that Ma Bell clearly isn't going to appear to be to be bloc king it, I'm inclined to imagine that this falls on LG additional than on the carrier. That stated, we will have to wait around for the G2's KitKat update to roll out to Verizon and T- Cell ahead of we can conclusively say in which to lay the blame.

Many thanks, Craig B. and Aaron!

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