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EVE Online Client with Premium Graphics Content 8.30.571512


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EVE Online is the forerunner of next generation massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) set in a world of galactic magnitude and governed by a hyper capitalistic economy with huge economic interests.

In a universe of this scope, you are free to discover your own place, be it in the form of a humble trader ferrying goods from system to system, a despicable pirate preying on anyone foolish enough to cross your path, a heroic combat pilot lancing through the fray as you battle for your faction, or a mighty business icon leading a corporation with hundreds of employees.

To accomplish any or all of this, your main tools will include a diverse array of sophisticated equipment, spaceships, and social interfaces, but you'll also need a strong business acumen, cunning combat strategies, and often pure Machiavellian thinking.

EVE takes place in a cluster of st ars far from mankind's original habitat, planet Earth. How far away, and whether or not that cradle of civilization still exists, is a mystery. Humans arrived through a natural wormhole and, gazing up upon an alien sky they had never seen, were completely unable to determine where this new world was located. From the New Eden solar system, where the gate of EVE once led to the old world, humans expanded in all directions at a furious pace, exploring and colonizing rapidly.

Then, unexpectedly and seemingly unprovoked, the EVE gate collapsed in an apocalyptic catastrophe of a scale never before witnessed by the human race, ruining the New Eden system in the process. Thousands of small colonies were left in complete isolation to fend for themselves, cut off from the old world. For millennia they endured, clinging to the brink of extinction, and only a handful managed to survive.

Of those that lasted, five were to rise up and become the major empires that, between them, hold the balance of power in the world of EVE. Today, they are known as the Amarr Empire, the Gallente Federation, the Caldari State, the Minmatar Republic, and the Jovian Empire. Additionally, the world is full of several small, independent factions and states.

For more than a century, the five empires have lived together in relative peace. They've continually strived to maintain this peace, as each faction realizes only too well the grave consequences of a massive inter-stellar war. Recent technological breakthroughs in FTL travel, and the ensuing increase in space travelers, have shaken, but not broken, the fragile peace... at least not yet.

Note: The same game software as Classic, plus the Premium Graphics Content for all ships, stations and stargates.

Here are some key features of "EVE Online Client with Premium Graphics Content":

· Massively mul tiplayer
· Epic 5,000 solar system persistent single universe
· Dynamic player controlled economy
· Exclusive offline skill advancement
· Unmatched versatility in game play
· Free expansions and game enhancements included with subscription


· OS: Windows® XP / Vista
· CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1.5 GHz or AMD XP 1500+ MHz
· RAM: 1024 MB or more
· HD space: 8.0 GB
· Network: 56k modem or better Internet connection
· Video: 128 MB Shader Model 3.0 Graphics cards such as GeForce 6 class card or higher, ATi X1300 or higher and Similar chips from other manufacturers
· Drivers: DirectX 9.0c (included) and latest video drivers


· 14 days trial

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Kill report value for items that do not have sufficient public market history will now revert to authored values.
· Authored default kill report values for tournament reward ships.

User Interface:
· Updated tournament tooling in preparation for Alliance Tournament XI, coming to an Internet near you this very Saturday, July 20.

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