Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Gravity Survive

Summary: This recreation is managed by gravity and the procedure is only required to tilt your telephone.

Up-to-date : Jul 16, 2013
Identified in: sport, tilt, live, gravity, endure

Demands : Android OS
Downloads: 43
This video game is controlled by gravity and the procedure is only wanted to tilt your telephone. Test to are living amongst the enemies and demolish them by equipment. There are several levels for you to obstacle in 4 diverse game scenes. What is far more, each and every scene has the corresponding survival mode and leaderboard. You can established the static position of the mobile phone and the going velocity in the menu.

Barcode obtain

  1. Open your chosen Barcode scanner application
    (Do not have barcode application ? Get a single below or more on the barcode page ).
  2. Place your cellphone digital camera at the QR code down below and scan it.
  3. Stick to the onscreen guidance to progress with the installation.

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