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New Nexus 7 (Codename Razor) Entirely In depth And Benchmarked 2GB Of RAM, Snapdragon S4 Pro , And 1920x1200 Display screen

Google is established to ( most likely ) announce the new and improved Nexus 7 tomorrow, but we have been having a search at the system in advance of time. Some of the specs from previous rumors were useless on, and some not so substantially. We've obtained all the details and benchmarks proper below. So let's dive in.


As anticipated, the new Nexus 7 has a 1920x1200 display ( noted as 1200x1824 simply because of the on- display nav bar) That ought to appear excellent on a 7 -inch unit it will work out to 320 PPI. Inside is a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad- core clocked at 1.5GHz. If that seems common, it's in all probability simply because that is just what the Nexus 4 operates. Anything else the new N7 and N4 have in frequent is RAM. Indeed, the rumors ended up off in this case. The new Nexus seven only has 2GB of RAM, not the magical 4GB that solution label seemed to point out.">wm_Screenshot_2013-07-23-17-19-33wm_Screenshot_2013-07-23-17-19-37

wm_Screenshot_2013-07-23-   17-19-42wm_Screenshot_2013-07-23-17-19-46

The product codename this time around is Razor ( very last year's N7 was Nakasi). The board ID is Flo, which is the replacement for Grouper from the previous Nexus seven. You can peruse the total develop.prop appropriate in this article . The bootloader version is FLO-03.05 on the retail system (see down below ).

wm_2013-07-23 18.29.57wm_Screenshot_2013-07-23-17-56-46

The new Nexus 7 operates Android four. three out of the box ( make JWR66N). A single of the initial issues we needed to locate out was no matter whether or not Google preset the audio latency problems in Android. Effectively, it has been enhanced, but not to the level that it is usable. Latest Android devices see latency in the neighborhood of eighty -90ms. The new N7 is sitting at about 40ms as tested in Caustic two. You genuinely want issues to be under 10ms for good songs applications.


AnTuTu is a complete process benchmark that requires into account processor pace, storage, memory functionality, and graphical electrical power. Telephones working newer Snapdragon chips, equally S4 Professional and S600 are pulling in all round scores in the neighborhood of 16,000-22,000. The Nexus 4 is generally smack in the middle with 18,000. The HTC A single pulls in about 22,000, but that's not shocking with the Snapdragon 600.


The place does the new Nexus 7 fall ? Appropriate about where you'd anticipate at about 19,000- 20,000. Just a minor much better than the Ne xus four. The floating level calculations are a little bit diminished on the Nexus 7 in comparison equipment with more recent chips, but which is not seriously going to affect your daily life.

Quadrant is equivalent to AnTuTu it checks CPU, I/O, and 3D graphics. It really is a bit much more out-of-date than other apps, but the figures nevertheless present some intriguing comparisons. This test was unkind to the Snapdragon S4 Pro in the Nexus 4, but does the N7 fare any much better ? The Nexus 4 receives about four, two hundred in this take a look at, whilst the HTC A single hits 11,000 ( very likely a throttling concern with the Nexus four in this distinct check ). The New N7 pulled in about 5500, as you can see underneath. So still a strangely lower rating on this examination. Far more reinforcement that this is heading to be form of like a larger Nexus four.


3DMark is however relatively new to Android. This graphics benchmark aims to see how a lot of pixels a gadget can force and how fast. This impacts gaming of course, but also has a whole lot to do with the smoothness of the UI. 3DMark renders an OpenGL ES2. action sequence at 720p and 1080p we ran the 1080p " excessive " model on the Nexus 7. The up-to-date N7 clocks in at 7,188 and manages to keep frames for every 2nd at just about 30, with occasional jumps increased. That compares to the Nexus 4 at approximately six, three hundred. The HTC One particular only does slightly better. That should not be far too stunning as equally the Snapdragon 600 and the S4 Pro operate the Adren o 320 GPU. Very last year's Nexus 7 could only pull in 1,877 on the 3DMark Ice Storm Severe test.



So that is what we have received. The new N7 is a lot more or significantly less like we envisioned following all the leaks. It has related internals to the Nexus four, which is probably good. The display screen is considerably larger resolution, while. It's a bummer the rumor about 4GB of RAM failed to pan out, but 2GB is practically nothing to sneeze at. The current Nexus seven carried out on par with, or slightly speedier than the Nexus 4. Ideally this model of the Nexus seven ages more gracefully than the outdated Tegra three Nexus did.

The gadget will be official tomorrow, and probably up for buy shortly thereafter.

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