Senin, 29 Juli 2013

Palringo Group Messenger Gets Massive Update on iPhone, iPad

Palringo Group Messenger 6.2.1 is available today from the fine gents at Palringo Ltd. featuring a metric ton of patches and code corrections that aim to improve the messaging experience tenfold.

The new Palringo comes with an updated unread message count tracking system, major optimizations for the log-out component, further optimizations to Messages, Contacts, and Group lists, as well as tweaks in departments like incoming message processing, or the first load of the Messages tab.

A crash would occur (in the previous version) when receiving a message after deleting the associated conversation in the Messages tab. That bug is fixed, according to the developers.

Some crashes relating to voice messages are also addressed, along with incoming voice message streaming support. Loads more fixes and tweaks are mentioned in the full changelog (right here).

Download Palringo Group Messenger iOS (Free)

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