Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

Alien Galaxy War

Summary: War in galaxy between aliens and our spaceship has been commenced

Up to date : Jan 13, 2014
Located in: alien, galaxy, war, space, shoot, powers, spaceship, alien online games, galaxy war

Demands : Android OS
Downloads: 304
War In Galaxy in between aliens and our spaceship has been started get ready to shoot all enemy aliens and help save your house galaxy... all you need to do is finish this war by destroying all these aliens and conserve your galaxy.... so in this galaxy war you get interesting new powers towards aliens and obtain stars to receive more factors in your galaxy....So allows start out this war.... Capabilities - New Powers Straightforward to play Rich graphics Offered for Android Cell phone and Tablet

Barcode download

  1. Open up your desired Barcode scanner software
    (Do not have barcode application ? Get one here or additional on the barcode site ).
  2. Position your cell phone digital camera at the QR code under and scan it.
  3. Stick to the onscreen guidelines to continue with the set up.

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