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Sokoban YASC one .603


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Brian Damgaard Additional from this developer
Puzzle/Logic / Free of charge
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January twenty fifth, 2014, 05:33 GMT [ look at record ]
C: Freeware Game titles

Sokoban YASC comes with a wealth of capabilities, e.g., deadlock detection, reverse mode, and replay manner.

Great import functions and highly configurable, e.g., skins. Tools : Editor, solver, optimizer, and generator.

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  • OS: Win XP
What's New in This Launch : [ study whole changelog ]
  • New optimizer feature : "Partition remedy into subintervals". For a large stage with a prolonged remedy, it can be at times valuable to split the solution in subintervals and procedure them independently by the optimizer. Given that e dition 1.594 it has been doable to pick an interval to be optimized, and it really is this function which now has been extended, so starting up from the selected interval, the relaxation of the resolution can be break up into subintervals of the provided dimension and then optimized. To use this characteristic, very first decide on an interval. Then open the context menu by right -clicking the job on the job queue with the mouse. Here you'll discover the new menu choice "Partition the rest of the remedy into subintervals". Track record details : The accompanying YASO and YASS optimizers split substantial solutions into subintervals mechanically, if the solution dimension and the memory limitations of the personal computer make this needed. The new manual split element can be seen as a light - excess weight variant of the automatical
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