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Next Daily life Viewer 3 . six . fourteen Build 285213


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January 17th, 2014, 05:37 GMT [ look at background ]
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Second Life Viewer is a handy utility  that lets you to link, converse and investigate the earth of Second Lifestyle. Try it suitable now!

What's New in This Launch : [ study whole changelog ]
  • Improved Scene Loading:
  • Task Intriguing is a established of advancements to how the viewer and server get the job done collectively to know what scene objects to draw. We've by now created the server smarter about sending the crucial, " exciting " stuff first, and with this release, we have a new viewer that does a considerably far better occupation of storing and controlling the scene facts on your personal computer. This will not only enhance the pace at which a spot hundreds, it will also help with all round viewer overall performance.
  • much more viewer- side management of which objects are loaded in memory at any provided time
  • more intense scene caching - viewer shops full area in cache, not just the elements in check out when you log out
  • faster scene load when going to a region you have under no circumstances been to before
  • viewer does not load item from cache that are totally hidden by scene geometry
  • expanded functionality metrics
  • Resolved Troubles :
  • BUG-4675[c] Viewer crashes whilst studying chat record
  • SH-4606[c] Appealing : Little objects do not load till they ar...

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