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Unofficial Fallout two Patch one .02. thirty


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January 15th, 2014, 05: fifty three GMT [ check out record ]
C: Patch

This is an "unofficial" patch for Fallout two that tries to continue the place the formal 1.02 patch left off. In excess of one thousand + bugs that ended up however current in the 1.02 model have been fastened.

What's New in This Release : [ study complete changelog ]
  • Arroyo:
  • Hakunin no for a longer time forgets he is mad at you if you continue on to insult him hundreds of occasions.
  • If you locate Vault 13 but really don't enter it, Arroyo would not change, but Hakunin's description and dialogue will! - this has been corrected
  • If you full Hakunin's quest in advance of acquiring the reward instruction from Cameron, you will not get the instruction. This has be en corrected.
  • The Elder must no longer " neglect " currently being mad at you.
  • Telling Nagor you would not come across smoke would result in him to run into the wilds and die, but the quest would never ever be established to failed (crossed out)
  • Corrected an instance in various of Arroyo's scripts that could result in endless fight. (that is overcome until eventually all people is killed)
  • Correct a difficulty which caused Klint and Cameron to be above - friendly and never ever assault the player even if the entire map is hostile.
  • Seeking at Cameron no longer displays "warrior" as an alternative of his actual identify, "Cameron."
  • The dialog line "Thank you for your support." was improperly labeled as a " Terrible " reaction.
  • Doo...

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