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AT&T Launching New Mobile Share Value Plan February 2nd, Offers Reduced Rates And More Data To Lure You Away From Subsidies

AT&T will be offering a new type of family plan starting tomorrow (February 2nd) that could save you a bit of cash. The Mobile Share Value Plan includes 10GB of shared data with unlimited talk/text and starts at $130 for 2 lines, and each line you add only bumps the price up $15. Just about anyone can switch to this plan, but AT&T does have an ulterior motive these new plans are probably designed to get customers off the phone subsidy gravy train.">2014-02-01 17_24_03-Families Save More with Mobile Share Value Plans from AT&T

Any AT&T customer on a 2-year contract is eligible to move to this family plan. Here's the caveat when the current contract period is up, the Mobile Share Value Plan can't be renewed unless you buy a device at full price from AT&T, bring your own, or sign up for Next. So basically, this is a way to move people away from the 2-year subsidy model. Off-contract Mobile Share Value plan folks that are already on the 10G B or higher tier will be moved to this plan automatically as well. Anyone not already on AT&T can get this plan by signing up with a Next subscription, buying a full-price phone, or bringing one purchased elsewhere.

The new plan is a bit of a trojan horse on-contract customers save a little on the monthly bill and have more data in the shared bucket, but there's no subsidy at the end of it. AT&T has said it wants to move away from the subsidy model, so this makes a bit of sense in that context. However, things are still quite convoluted there are several different ways to sign up for AT&T service now. Offering this option to on-contract customers is probably a way to shift expectations so the company can drop subsidies completely down the line.

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