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After on a time, there was a time when monsters dominated over the globe and human beings were being merely a tiny group. White Dragons, the king of the monsters, nervous about the earth turning out to be deserted and despaired owing to the exceeding number of monsters. Consequently, they saved the balance among the monsters by waking up from their hibernation and reducing any monster species that thre atened to just take more than the planet by overpopulating by themselves.

However, one working day, human beings tried to acquire over the planet by studying and coaching themselves with increased amount of information and magic than the monsters. The White Dragons began to wake up from their hibernation gradually, and the King of the human beings, Zadro, tried out to make truce with the White Dragons, but understood that it was out of his capabilities to do so. As a result Zadro tried out to slow, or even to end the attacks f rom the Dragons by in fact going to their castle. The White Dragons watched the individuals in curiosity mainly because not like monsters, they attempted to achieve an agreement via compromising, and they had the bravery that risked even their very own lives.

Finally the White Dragons made the decision to give the humans an additional 500 years and went back to hibernation. The leaders of the Dragons remodeled their variety of life to anything else and soared into the sky with traces of glitter at the rear of them. The remaining White Dragons advised Zadro: 'The leaders are often connected with this earth, but will only watch and in no way occur again on their possess will. They will undoubtedly hold their guarantee, but can you? Our ready might bear a disaster, not mercy.'

Zadro introduced this to all humans but the tales of the white dragon light from everyone's head even by the conclude of two hundreds of years.

View of the Planet

The nations bind with each other to encounter their principal enemy Cane. So any disruption in between the nations almost never occurs. All the Kingdom armies are trained to fight towards the monsters, incase of a significant invasion, the nations has sworn to supply all the necessary enable to just about every other. Even so, considering that all the troopers are busy shielding the Kingdom and most of the times they are despatched to war. Sustaining general public peace and purchase is considerably hard to restrain. As a result, a lot of useful lives are shed from monsters inside the Kingdom.

There are many heroes in the entire world who sworn to fight against Cane to stabilize the planet. There are not essential the folks who operate for the Kingdom nor troopers who are hired to combat. These are just regular individuals who are battle to protect their loved ones. Even though, Kingdoms acquire pre-cautionary actions due to the fact these voluntary soldiers g rew in range, but do not oppose to them informally. Countries like 'The mixed Crop'
motivate these heroes to destroy monster and pay out them a reward afterward. These soldiers's major objective is to assassinate Cane.

Mobile is particular merchandise in the continent. So many merchants come in and out to trade it the continent. Not like magic, it is simple to use. Other continents be concerned about the electrical power of the mobile what could kill Cane and just one working day another person monopolize it.

Despite the fact that, cells originated from the continent wherever individuals reside, but other service provider from significantly continent make their way right here to trade for the cells. Not like magic the cells can be utilized by absolutely everyone who wishes to use.

There are also many men and women who go after one's object in cell itself. They obtain and update them. Their last objective is to make best legendary cell. Som e folks just want to generate dollars and the other people take pleasure in the experience of artisan spirit via all approach.

Heroes, Mercenaries and persons who have exceptional uses in their coronary heart are now in the continents.

Demands :
  • Pentium III one.4Ghz
  • 256Mb Memory
  • Geforce four MX, Geforce Forex 5200, Radeon 9500

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