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Birth of Rome Patch 1 .03c


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January 1st, 2014, 11 :32 GMT [ check out background ]
C: Patch

Beginning of Rome: Alea Jacta Est is a flip - dependent strategy sport that covers the main Roman civil wars with loaded historical element and historic precision.

By employing this update you'll make positive that your video game runs bug free and also you can benefit from the latest characteristics offered.

What's New in This Launch : [ read whole changelog ]
  • NEW EXE:
  • repairing a scarce struggle result bug in Assaults
  • fixing blockade of straits
  • repairing scarce automobile -garrison vs. slave revolts bug
  • Help models will constantly be regarded as possessing zero in patrol, indicating they don't pin down enemies
  • Unit car upgrade is improve d
  • Fixing warmap ledger (F6) tooltips
  • NEW Element :
  • BOR becomes AJE- knowledgeable !
  • Start of Rome is now capable of employing the AJE eventualities, if you set up it wherever on your Pc ! Each games continue being standalone, this means you will not will need to acquire AJE to engage in BOR scenarios, but now, if you bought AJE, you only will need to start BOR to get the eventualities of both video games !
  • German translation is now available. If you want to switch to German, you can do this by manually transforming the following
  • inside of the Common. opt file
  • Standard interface alternatives :
  • language (: English 1 : Francais two : Espanol 3 : Deutsche)
  • Language = ==> write three as an alternative of to obtain German
  • UI:
  • Deal with to Armed service recruitment icon (the Eagle) glitch in some decrease resolution s
  • MA...

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