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[CES 2014] Nvidia Announces Tegra K1 With 192 GPU Cores And Optional 64 - Little bit Denver CPUs

Nvidia is having its conventional CES push event and has taken the opportunity to expose some specifics on its up coming era Tegra chip. Nvidia has talked about its cellular strategies a minor in general conditions recently, but now we have a identify and some specs to go on. The successor to Tegra 4 will be named the Tegra K1 and it will come in two distinct versions.

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The headlining feature Nvidia is touting in Tegra K1 ( formerly codenamed Logan) is the 192- core GPU dependent on the desktop Kepler architecture. By comparison, the current Tegra four is limping along with only seventy two more mature GPU cores. Nvidia experienced a amount of fancy charts to illustrate how outstanding the Tegra K1 GPU takes place to be. The company claims Tegra K1 will help DirectX eleven. 1, CUDA, and has a lot more uncooked horsepower than the PS3 or the Xbox One. All this and it is envisioned to be more power efficient than the present Tegra GPU.

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Maybe even a lot more noteworthy than the new GPU is a change in Nvidia's earlier noted roadmap. There will be two flavors of Tegra K1 the initial will be a quad- core Cortex-A15 CPU cluster with the Kepler GPU (and a helper core ) , but there will also be a model with dual - main Denver CPUs. Nvidia's Denver architecture was not anticipated to debut for a different generation earlier Tegra K1. Denver is a custom style for Nvidia's new ARM- compatible CPU cores, so there won't be any more Cortex reference CPUs in Tegra it's just like Qualcomm and Krait. Denver is dependent on the following - generation ARMv8 instruction established and supports sixty four - little bit.

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Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang did not specify any correct timeline for just about every version of the chip, but the A15 edition is expected to be out in the very first 50 % of the yr. The Denver CPU model will occur soon after that in the second 50 percent of 2014.


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