Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

Jewels 3D - FREE

Summary: Have a break ;) ! Play this FUNNY and cool game ! With a slight different Gameplay - the game is more attractive and for sure you will enjoy it all the way. Collect on-sreen 3D jewels and win the round. Tap groups with minimum two jewels to collect them.

Updated: Dec 27, 2013
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8 different color Jewels (30 cool levels) Funny sounds and nice music Game is saved every 6 levels (unless you exit the game) Local personal hi-scores Online Top 100 hi-scores WorldWide (wi-fi must be on and also the feature must be enabled in options menu) Instructions: Watch out for the Timer countdown in right top corner; tap Time Jewels (in a group) to gain more seconds Tap Bomb Jewels (i n a group) to collect all onscreen jewels of that colour. Invisibility mode will test your memory for a few seconds - you must remember where the jewels were on board; you can tap them in invisible mode also. Life Jewel tapped (in a group) will give you a extra life. Switch jewels by dragging/sliding 1st jewel towards 2nd jewel. You can switch two jewels that are single (don't belong to a group) HAVE FUN! ;)

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