Minggu, 05 Januari 2014

Microsoft Discontinues Windows 7 Dynamic Themes

Microsoft has silently made another change for Windows 7 users, deciding to end support for dynamic themes that brought fresh images on computers running this particular OS version via RSS feeds.

The company hasn’t provided any official announcement about the end of support for dynamic themes, but WindowsObserver writes that the last update took place in June 2013, so it’s pretty clear that Microsoft isn’t quite keen on bringing new images on Windows 7 computers.

Redmond confirmed in a mailed statements that Windows 7 dynamic themes are no longer supported and even though users can keep them on their computers, no new images will be provided.

“RSS themes were retired from Windows.com due to a need for efficiencies. Customers can maintain themes already downloaded to their PC but won’t receive new images,&rd quo; a company spokesperson was quoted as saying.

If you’re still looking to download the available themes, you can find all of them on Softpedia, obviously free of charge.

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