Senin, 02 Desember 2013

File Manager Is Not Coming to Windows Phone Anytime Soon

There's been a lot of hype yesterday around some user-requested features for Windows Phone, which were mistakenly tagged as completed by an administrator that goes by the name of “Mobile Guru.”

Apparently the File Manager for Windows Phone 8 user-requested feature that's been voted by almost 80k users has been confirmed as being completed and everyone thought Microsoft will finally bring the long-awaited file manager app on the mobile platform.

The same goes for the “flick down to close applications,” as well as the option to install apps on the microSD card, which both were tagged as completed by the same person.

No additional details had been announced at that time though, so we were left thinking that Microsoft will make some statements shortly after the information spread online and those statements came but in another form.

It looks like the administrator mistakenly tagged all those features for Windows Phone 8 as being completed, which is not true according to Microsoft.

WPCentral reports that Microsoft has already corrected the website, so Windows Phone fans should now see that the file manager, flick down to close applications and installation of apps on microSD card features are now showing as unavailable for the current mobile platform.

Obviously, this doesn't mean one or all these features will not be included on Windows Phone platform at some point, it's merely a sign that these are not ready yet.

Microsoft is now hard at work for the next major Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade, which is likely to be officially introduced next year.

We expect that at least some of these features will be included on the next version of Windows Phone, but details on the contents of the upcoming platform might leak way ahead of the official launch so stay tuned for more info on the matter.

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