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Xtreme Browser Pro

Summary: Xtreme Browser Pro is Smaller , Smarter , Faster Web Browser for your Android Smart Phone.

Updated: Dec 4, 2013
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Requirements: Android OS
Downloads: 192
Free PRO Version Download , Share , Rate 5 Star. Limited Period Offer Features : Smaller & Faster Browser Latest Gesture Support to Control Browser Unlimited Tab To Enjoy Surfing. Smooth Scrolling Memory Friendly Script Execution for Low Memory Device Enjoy Amazing New Theme. Supports 2.0 Froyo to Latest 4.4 Kit Kat Access More Advanced Settings. * Clear Catch on Exit. * Import Bookmarks from Other Browser. * Hide Statusbar While Browsing. * Restore Lost tabs on Start. Customize Font Size. Use Browser as Chrome,Blackberry,iPad & More. All Heavy Browser Features in this. ( Now No Need to Download Heavy Browser) Download 'Xtreme Browser Pro' Today from Playstore Why "Xtreme Browser" ?? Why to Download Heavy Browser and put load on memory ? Why to Download 10-30 MB Browser? We are giving you all Features in This "Xtreme Browser Pro" . Just Try it and Share I t. Help : If any Setting / Advanced Settings doesn't work just restart application or clear catch from app manager. Note : This app is made by single Person only so if you respect it , Please Give 5 Star Rating and Put Positive Comment To Improve Software. E-Mail us for Any Issue : jmpapk@gmail.com Tags : Xtreme Browser , Extreme Browser , Fast Browser , Lite Browser , Speed , Small , Website , Web Browser , Opera , Opera Mini , Google , Google Chrome , Firefox , Blackberry , Android Browser , Awesome Browser , JMP Browser , Top Download , Free , Ads , Free Browser , Pro Browser , Private Browser , 2D , 3D , Optimized Browser , US , India , UK , Download , HD , iPad , iPhone , Superb , Super,One Browser,Boat Browser,UC,UC Browser,Private Browser,Kitkat,Jelly Bean,Ice Cream Sandwich, Froyo,Ginger Bird,4.3,4.4,4.2,4.1,4.0,Youtube,Facebook,Download, Movie,Video,Photos,Wallpaper,Ultra Fast,Ultra Speed,Lite Browser,Mini Browser,Best Browser,Browser,Website,

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  2. Point your phone camera at the QR code below and scan it.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.

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