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Closing Out CES 2014: What Rocked, What Did not , And What It All Intended

When we flew back household yesterday, currently formally marks the conclusion of 2014's really don't - contact -it-the- Shopper -Electronics- Show ( severely, check out out the " observe to editors" on any official CES push release ). An additional yr of ridiculous gadgets, an almost inappropriately massive quantity of televisions, and a entire great deal of white particle board walls. I usually look forward to likely to most tech conventions - MWC, IFA, GDC, and Google I/O. CES is the just one I've grown to have mixed feelings about - it really is frantic, nearly inconceivably huge, and increasingly straining to retain its relevance to the cell sector.


This year's Android standout was undoubtedly Samsung, who employed the relative vacuum of really serious pill bulletins at the present to unveil its new Tab Professional and Note Professional traces to the globe. 4 all-new tablets aimed decidedly at the higher conclude of the market place - anything we know people have been clamoring for Samsung to do for a whilst now, as most of the company's latest pill choices are of a decidedly middling excellent. We saw the announcement, we acquired to use them - without restriction - and arrived away rather impressed. These may lastly be the tablets Samsung requirements to influence mainstream shoppers that there are viable significant - stop options to the iPad and iPad mini out there. Samsung did not announce pricing, but I'm betting that the eight. 5 and 10. 1 inch Tab Professionals will be ever -so- a little a lot more competitive than Apple's choices.


We observed cell phone bulletins from Huawei, Hisense, ASUS, and Sony (even though they had been aged, rebranded phones ), and a complete slew of health and fitness and action trackers promising Android compatibility, however several were being very little more than ideas . NV IDIA unveiled its new Tegra K1 chipset, which provides the firm's current market -dominating Kepler GPU architecture to mobile, and could make NVIDIA a critical contender in the cellular chip house again. ASUS was in all probability the next - biggest supply of Android bulletins at the present, unveiling three model -new phones, two new PadFone models, and the relatively extraordinary Home windows 8 -Android hybrid Transformer Guide Duet. Vizio's Android- powered touchscreen speakers acquired a truthful bit of interest, and Parrot's new Android- completely ready AR.Drone mini looks genuinely great. Kids' pill -maker Fuhu unleashed a slew of bulletins at the exhibit, and Sony's new Android cellphone dock car or truck stereo acquired some significantly -deserved really like. There was also a unfortunately, incredibly, if predictably obscure announcement about Android in the car or truck. We'll see what arrives of the new Open Automotive Alliance. Th ere are most likely additional points you happen to be prepared to throw on this listing, and you're also almost certainly questioning why we didn't cover them. Michael Bay's uncomfortable -but-hilarious walkoff at Samsung's push convention, for illustration.


Listed here at Android Police, we obviously create about great Android and Android-adjacent stuff . For us, going to CES has grow to be instead like a treasure hunt. Amidst the sea of TVs, cameras, and audio equipment, we have to look for out the solutions our Android-craving audience will get excited about. And with just two individuals roaming the entire demonstrate, this can be a significantly overwhel ming process. Consequently, we have to be fairly picky with which push conferences we show up at, and what goods we write about. ( Even though some posts are far more a result of handy timing than authentic curiosity, I confess.)

This year, Android Police's CES submit depend was the cheapest it has ever been, at just less than 40. Very last yr was all around 60, about the exact same amount as 2012 and 2011. Now, you could say the fall this year was anything of a self- fulfilling prophecy. I also conveniently concede we could have posted about a lot more products we observed at the demonstrate, but a lot of of these merchandise fell into the "this is fundamentally just a notion intended to get push " or "so negative it can be type of funny " categories.


Tegra K1

For instance : ZTE's modular mobile phone mockup (which screams 'vaporware / awareness -mongering'), Razer / LG / Sony's fitness band principles (LG's was at the very least semi- useful for basic demo functions ), Polaroid's Socialmatic Android camera / printer idea (the demo units had been empty shells), and significantly less so, NVIDIA's K1 reference tablet (which we were not authorized to use outside the house of a few Unreal Motor demo apps ).

To be blunt, I really don't come to feel as though submitting photos of non- functional or particularly restricted demo / principle hardware as a " palms -on" is honest to our readers, and frankly appears to be a little disingenuous. I also battle to see the worth in it. We could publish a publish about the K1 reference pill that would consist of some pics of it and perhaps a video clip of it running the Unreal demo applications, and we could phone it a "NVIDIA K1 pill arms -on" (hey, we touched it!), or, we could more appropriately title it "Some images of an aged Tegra Notice with a K1 within it operating the identical tech demos you can watch in NVIDIA's push convention that happened 2 days in the past." Would you want to read through / enjoy that? I am guessing the remedy is mostly "no." This just isn't to be in particular really hard on NVIDIA as, soon after all, they are demoing a chip, not an conclude - client solution. But it is the exact same story with the health and fitness bands, or ZTE's pie-in-the-sky modular cellphone : by and massive, you are regurgitating fast details from an p revious push launch and tossing in some pictures of the thing in human being on the exhibit ground that you won't be able to truly use in any significant way which would supply legitimate insight.


Lenovo's 4K Android all-in- one

Exterior of the Android universe, CES was, according to the specialists , 4K's massive coming out celebration... apart from that final 12 months was a lso 4K's huge coming out get together . This year was more like 4K's huge coming out celebration for people of us who don't have about $5000 to invest on a television (but also have at minimum $ one thousand to do so), or 2 times that considerably to commit on a camcorder. The truth is, 4K adoption is likely very, really slowly and gradually, and that is primarily because property -viewable 4K content material is emerging really, incredibly slowly and gradually. I have my suspicions that 2015's CES will mark however a different 4K debut, even though beneath the guise of "4K for the masses" or some other these minor warping of history to assure CES remains Television set tech-centric. 4K Blu-ray also appears inevitable , and I'm positive Sony will be all more than it arrive next year's present. Generally, don't assume the 4K advertising hypetrain to derail any time shortly , you can find a ton much more milking of the 4Kow to be accomplished nevertheless.


The Sony SmartBand

Wearables were the really seen peripheral development at this year's present, and I will fess up: I dismissed most of them. There was so significantly wearable-this, exercise -that, and exercise - life style - monitoring hutzpah that it all just grew to become white noise to me. Garmin is creating a physical fitness band, Razer (!?!?!) is building a physical fitness band, Sony is, LG is, and a dozen- plus tiny startups you've got never ever listened to of are, also. And they all actually, actually want your consideration. I think this market place is likely to endure a really serious shakedown over the up coming yr, and I have a feeling a whole lot of these merchandise would not make it earlier their initial or second iterations. Activity and exercise tracking may possibly not be a trend (or it might be, I never know), but like tablets, it appears to be as however absolutely everyone and their brother is hoping to get a piece of the pie and, as with any ecosystem, you will find only so significantly room to be shared in the marketplace. This principle was properly -illustrated 3 several years ago at the 2011 CES, wherever more than 100 tablets (yep, really ) have been released by actually dozens of makers. Pure choice will acquire position in the wearable ecosystem, just as it has in smartphones and tablets, and up coming yr a lot of OEMs will al most certainly be pretending all those solutions in no way existed. I will say there was decidedly much less to converse about in conditions of smartwatch unveils at CES ( apart from Pebble), which seriously indicates to me that as a product or service category their appeal has remained extremely market.

Also missing at CES this yr had been any main announcements from the world's two silicon heavyweights: Intel and Qualcomm. Neither declared following - generation chips, even though perhaps CES just failed to land through the correct time for any significant unveils from the two processor corporations. My suspicion, for Qualcomm at minimum, is that MWC will appeal to a additional fascinated, appropriate audience than CES, and that we could see Qualcomm's newest and best in Barcelona following month.

As always, CES provided a spotlight for dozens of new cameras, hundreds of A/V and home theater merchandise, and a enormous number of appliances.

We will be back again at the demonstrate upcoming year, of study course, and I'd like to thank my colleague Cameron Summerson for enduring the 4 times of non- cease grind with me. It was a good time, if a busy and type of nuts one particular.

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