Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

Justin Bieber Throws Eggs at Neighbor's House

Just when you thought he was on the path to manhood, Justin Biebes gets back to his mischievous ways. TMZ reports that the “Baby” singer is being accused by one of his neighbors of egging his house.

The neighbor was startled by banging sounds on his side of the house at seven in the evening, and so he went outside to see what was happening. He claims he was greeted by a egg-hurling Justin who was busy pelting his front door with “aviary bombs.”

He goes on to say that, once Bieber noticed him, he shifted his aim towards his neighbor as he shouted at him “What the Hell are you doing?” In total, he says that Bieber threw 20 eggs at his house, before disappearing back into his mansion.

The entire incident was relayed to police officers who were immediately called on the scene by the angry neighbor. They filed an incident report, but it remains unclear whether Bieber was charged with anything or even if he was connected at all with the assault.

This isn't the first time Bieber and said neighbor come into conflict, nor is it the first time they have “verbal arguments,” leading to believe that the pop star may have led his egg attack in revenge.

Justin Bieber is recently taking some time off from touring and recording, having been spotted in his neighborhood with former girlfriend Selena Gomez. The coupl e were seen riding Segways together and vacationing at the beach over the weekend.

The singer previously announced that he was retiring from music after his next album, but his management has denied the claim since. Now, Bieber is sparking reunion rumors with Selena Gomez, who is also taking some time from touring and recording.

A representative from Bieber's camp has yet to comment on the egging incident, as does the Sheriff's Department.

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